WOLVENHEARTt #8 through its impressive story structure and layouts gets readers invested in a fresh start to a continuing saga. All without isolating returning readers.

Review: WOLVENHEART #8: A New Beginning Bares Its Teeth

Wolvenheart #8 from Mad Cave Studios comes to comic stores on October 27 with pre-orders available now. Series writer and company co-founder Mark London opens a jumping-on point of this title. Alejandro Giraldo’s dynamic layouts make the action stand out with color by Warnia Sahadewa and lettering by Miguel Zapata.


Wolvenheart follows time-traveling, dhampir, monster hunter Sterling Cross. After an adventure in preventing an apocalypse, he comes to find the titular organization radically different.

Wolvenheart #8: Change Is Nice

London makes Wolvenheart #8 a good jumping-on point without alienating past readers. Despite being a sequel to the last trade, the story does not hinge on it. But it does help to understand Sterling’s sense of alienation from the rest of the Travelers.

People who were his enemies like Elizabeth Bathory are now his allies. Which is rather interesting when looking at the way she interacts with others. This Bathory is social, sarcastic, and fears falling back into her vampiric nature. With likable new characters like vampire versions of Romeo and Juliet, even the reader fears the idea of Bathory’s regression.

Wolvenheart #8 CoverThen there’s Sterling’s mentor, Van Helsing. With just the beginning of the issue for reference, even new readers know that Van Helsing can be villainous. His merciless nature and strive for immortality make his new status as an antagonist feel more like a natural progression of his character than a retcon.

Actions Howl

Giraldo gives the action in Wolvenheart #8 an easy to immerse energy with his layouts. In most of the issue’s downtime, there are panels where everything seems at peace. It’s like everything is routine until actions or conflict arise. When that happens the panels distort to a degree. Like when Romeo and Juliet do a trapeze act that gets interrupted and puts them in danger. But then the following page’s layout returns to order to show they’re safe. There are wilder examples, like where a conflict with Van Helsing’s werewolves take up an entire splash page.

Thankfully to keep track of these events, Sahadewa’s coloring highlights unique characteristics. Like in a case where Bathory bathes in a bright red blood substitute while her shadow is in the background with candle light. Along with lettering by Zapata that explains her desire for real blood, the reader feels like Bathory might be slipping into villainy.

Follow Along Wolvenheart #8

Wolvenheart #8 features the beginning of a new story for both new and old fans. With plenty of action and intrigue abounding, readers won’t be able to look away. Wolvenheart #8 is out from Mad Cave Studios at a comic shop near you on October 27th.

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WOLVENHEARTt #8 through its impressive story structure and layouts gets readers invested in a fresh start to a continuing saga. All without isolating returning readers.Review: WOLVENHEART #8: A New Beginning Bares Its Teeth