WISDOM OF THE CROWD Fails to Receive Full Season Pickup

The CBS series Wisdom of the Crowd will not be receiving a full season pickup. This means that the first season of the drama will conclude after it airs the original 13 episodes which CBS ordered.

In other words, although this is not an official death knell for the series, it does essentially mean that Wisdom of the Crowd will be cancelled. While that announcement has not been declared by CBS in any formal way, there is no other reason the network would not pick up an entire season.

Part of this decision likely comes from the fact that Wisdom of the Crowd has made no significant impact on ratings in its crucial Sunday night timeslot, which is prime, coveted real estate for a network like CBS. The series has averaged about 7.4 million viewers per episode, a very weak performance for the network. In fact, it is currently the lowest-rated freshman show on CBS. None of this bodes well for a second season.


There is perhaps a more significant factor, however. Jeremy Piven, the star of the series, has been accused of groping two different women while they were extras on Entourage, the HBO comedy series which heightened Piven’s fame. In response to this, Piven released an emphatic denial, announcing that “I unequivocally deny the appalling allegations being peddled about me.”

In Wisdom of the Crowd, Piven plays a tech innovator from Silicon Valley who utilizes a crowdsourcing app he invented in order to identify the person who murdered his daughter. In doing so, he creates something that revolutionizes the way other crimes are solved, as well. CBS Television Studios produces the series, along with Universal Television.

Earlier this year, CBS gave full season orders for Young Sheldon, the prequel to the Big Bang Theory, the SWAT reboot, and their drama series SEAL Team. The comedy series Me, Myself, and I, however, ended up in the same situation as Wisdom of the Crowd.

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Joseph Rejent
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