Will Ferrell and Chad Smith Together Again for Benefit Show

Will Ferrell and Red Hot Chili Peppers’ drummer Chad Smith, who are damn near twins separated at birth, are teaming up once again for a charity benefit.

The comedian and his rock star doppelgänger announced their Red Hot Benefit Comedy + Music Show & Quinceanera. Yes, that’s the title. Smith and his Chili Pepper bandmates will perform at the benefit, along with other acts Smith will curate himself. Ferrell, meanwhile, along with his Funny or Die compatriots, will collect comedians to perform.

“I have only one great regret in life and it’s that I never actually celebrated my quinceanera,” Ferrell told Rolling Stone. “I’d like to think it was just a simple oversight by my mother, but there has been a void inside me for many years. Growing up on the mean streets of Irvine, California, I have vivid memories of all my friends celebrating their quinceanera.”

This isn’t the first time Will Ferrell and Chad Smith have been seen in public together, confirming that they are in fact two different people. In May 2014 they appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon for a drum off, and discussed their “heated rivalry” over the years. “We had so much fun with Will on the drum-off and ultimately getting the entire band together to participate on the Tonight Show,” Smith said. “So much goodwill came out of one silly joke. We’ve been trying to find another way to get together and do some more good for our respective causes and I think we have found it.”

You can see Will Ferrell and Chad Smith, and the res of the acts at the Red Hot Benefit Comedy + Music Show & Quinceanera April 29, with general admission tickets on sale March 11.




Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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