Why The Last Page Of ‘Dark Nights: Metal’ Is So Important

‘Dark Nights: Metal’ hits your local comic book store this Wednesday, but the final page reveal hit the internet at 6 a.m. via The Washington Post. While we here at Monkeys Fighting Robots can’t stand when publishers spoil the book before its release, we still have to cover the story because it is news. (Just imagine if studios started to spoil films in the thought of selling more tickets?)

There will be ‘Dark Nights: Metal’ spoilers ahead.

Thor: Ragnarok Jessica Jones Star Wars The Walking Dead

Thor: Ragnarok Jessica Jones Star Wars The Walking Dead

Thor: Ragnarok Jessica Jones Star Wars The Walking Dead

Neil Gaiman’s Dream appears on the final page of Metal #1, alongside Batman. Scott Snyder says the character’s role in the story is “crucial.”

“[Dream] has some very key moments that spin the story in its essential directions. At the same time, this really is a Justice League story focused on their discovery of the Dark Multiverse and the invasion with these evil Batmen [now] here and the desperate attempt to stop them using Nth metal,” said Snyder.

Dream was created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth, and Mike Dringenberg. The character first appeared in The Sandman vol. 2, #1 from January 1989, published DC Comics’ imprint Vertigo. Dream is one of the seven Endless, inconceivably powerful beings older and greater than gods, Dream is both lord and personification of all dreams and stories, all that is not in reality. He has taken many names, including Morpheus and Oneiros, and his appearance can change depending on the person who is seeing him.

What do you think of the ‘Dark Nights: Metal’ plot twist? Will this make you buy issue one? Comment below.

‘Dark Nights: Metal’

About ‘Dark Nights: Metal’:
Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo will expand the DCU as we know it. DARK DAYS: THE FORGE and THE CASTING hinted at a mysterious darkness, lurking, but the truth of its devastation has not been seen until now. Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman and the heroes of the Justice League will venture further than they ever have before—or risk all of humanity to the Dark Multiverse.

“METAL is a story that touches on some of my favorite DC stories past and present, and connects deeply to the run Greg and I did on Batman. It pushes the characters to their very limits, and takes us into realms that are completely new and unexplored in the DCU. It’s Kirby meets Frazetta with a dash of heavy metal thrown in. It’s METAL, and I hope you love it as much as both Greg and I do. Thank you.” — SCOTT SNYDER

“I’m looking forward to rock’n and roll’n together again. Fans have been loud and clear; they want more from us. We’re primed and ready to blow it up.” — GREG CAPULLO

‘Dark Nights: Metal’ hits your local comic book store on August 16.

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