Why It’s Good To Be A Baccano Fan Right Now

Baccano is a fantastic series, funny, fast paced, frantic, and freaking bloody, but it’s never really gotten the attention it deserved. Never really grabbing the attention of the Japanese audience due to its frantic, unusual nature, and too intimidating for many American fans to check out due to its multi storyline approach. Not to mention airing the same year as Dennou Coil, EF – Tale of Memories, Higurashi, Mononoke (not the Ghibli movie), Gurren Laggan, Death Note, and Code Geass. All of which contributed to the fact that it never got a second season, despite having more than enough material (eighteen additional volumes), amazing characters, soundtrack, animation, and style.
Heck, even its inferior spiritual successor Durarara is more popular than Baccano.

Baccano Blood
This show is bloody amazing

However things seem to be turning around for the Baccano fan over the past month. With two major announcements being made. One being Yen Press releasing English versions of the original light novels, and two being a new manga adaptation of Baccano!.

There are three reasons why these are such amazing announcements.



3. This has the possibility of leading Baccano to a second season.

Let me explain myself. Baccano has had a manga adaptation before, that adaptation came out in 2006, and its sole purpose was to hype up the anime coming the following year.

Baccano Cat

This has led fan to speculate that we could see a Baccano! season two sometime next year. This is further supported when considering the industry in general at this point. Studio Shuka has gotten their hands on the Durarara anime rights and have been producing second, third, and fourth seasons of Durarara. If these seasons continue to be as popular as they currently are, Studio Shuka would certainly have a reason to seek out a Baccano adaptation. Considering the fact that Baccano! footage can be found in Durarara x2 Ten, and shows with that style are more and more common, such as Kekkai Sensen and Gangsta, it seems highly likely that this is the case.

Baccano Durarara
That poster in the corner? That’s Issac and Miria… Baccano

But, this is all speculation, and nothing might come out of it. But worst case scenario, we still get Baccano books and a Baccano manga, which still lends this to being one of the best times to be a Baccano fan.

GJ Corban
GJ Corban
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