Who Is Negan and Why Fans Should be Excited (and Terrified)!

Last week, millions of viewers around the world intently watched the mid season finale of AMC’s critically acclaimed TV show, The Walking Dead. However, it wasn’t until after the episode aired when an announcement was made about an upcoming character that made fans of the comics nearly soil themselves. During the most recent episode of the new AMC series Into the Badlands, an extra scene (which can be seen here) was unveiled to the public involving the group consisting of Daryl Sasha and Abraham, a group of motorcyclist, and a namedrop of the biggest and most psychopathic villain ever to enter the universe of The Walking Dead.

Who is Negan

That right, Negan has been officially confirmed to enter the show during the second half of this season. However, there are many fans asking the question of who is Negan and how does this impact the show. To those who are unfamiliar with the character, Negan is a barbed wire covered baseball bat wielding, foulmouthed, deranged sociopath that was unveiled to readers in issue #100 of the comic version and predecessor of the TV series The Walking Dead. Readers instantly were exposed to his true psychopathic self when after directly being unveiled, he murdered a major core character in what many view to be the most gruesome death in the history of The Walking Dead. Any fan of the comic book will verify that Negan makes the Governor look like Pippy Longstocking. Unlike the Governor who led his community of Woodbury in a somewhat organized fashion and showed rare traces of sanity and humanity, (such as his attachment to his zombiefied daughter Penny), Negan is a brutal despot of a group called “The Saviors” that shows only savagery and spends his time either making sex jokes, beating in heads with a barbed wired baseball bat he calls Lucile, or occasionally both. Despite his crude humor, Negan is no laughing matter to apocalyptic world that is The Walking Dead.

Sam Casale
Sam Casale
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