Which Movies Make The Best Slots Games?

Given that Hollywood are determined to squeeze every last dollar out of their movie releases, it’s no surprise to find that some films are licensed in some surprising places. So once they’ve sold their movies for licensed use as condoms, coffins and sleeping bags, what better than a good online slots game to really let that film iconography shine?

The 1963 movie Cleopatra was one of Hollywood’s most ambitious projects. Not only did it nearly manage to bankrupt 20th Century Fox, but it also killed the traditional blockbuster epic whilst doing so.

However, it wasn’t just immortal romance between its stars Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton that lives on, as key images and themes that dominated the Joseph L Mankiewicz-directed movie have managed to survive in the exotic Egyptian imagery of the Cleopatra online slots game over at the MrSmithCasino website.

What’s key to making the leap from the movie screen to the slots game is easily identifiable iconography. So whether it’s the towering ape of King Kong or the terrifying dinosaurs of Jurassic Park, they all manage to make the suitably monster-sized impression on the casino games. Furthermore, these titles lack a singular identifiable human star, so that they can all live on in an endless series of sequels for true cinematic and gaming immortality!

Whilst the rampaging gorillas and fearsome prehistoric creatures of these mainstream movies might be an attractive motif for slots game manufacturers to use, some developers have taken some alternative ideas.

For example, whilst the thought of a Bruce Lee slots game might sound a little anachronistic, it’s worthwhile mentioning that the martial arts star has appeared in many video games, including a controversial appearance in a UFC game that was created by EA Sports.

In addition to this, Bruce Lee is still a massive global star. And as the online revolution means that movies and games can cross borders with ease, it makes perfect sense for games developers to utilize stars who have an international appeal.

And surely there can’t be many more international or intergalactic stars that Superman. As well as being one of our most cherished comic book heroes, the fabled Kal-El from the planet Krypton has also made a pretty good showing at the casino by appearing in one of Mr. Smith Casino’s slots games. All of which shows just how versatile our favorite movie stars have become!

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Don Draper
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