Where Do We Go In Season 2 Of ‘Mr. Robot’

USA’s summer break out hit Mr. Robot conclude its first season Wednesday night with ‘eps1.9_zer0-day.avi’ and gave the audience more questions than answers.

Here is the after credits scene with the surprise entrance of the White Rose.

“Because fsociety in essence succeeded, I wanted to let audiences know that there wasn’t necessarily a victory, rather something larger at play. There are chess moves higher up, higher than the biggest conglomerate on the planet. I wanted the looming threat of something more devious,” said series creator Sam Esmail to Deadline.


Esmail adds that one of Elliot’s adversaries in season two will be Joanna, Tyrell Wellick’s wife. Elliot and Joanna go toe-to-toe in the season finale.

“Her motivations are a little murky this season, but they will get clearer next season. We’ll see her rise,” said Esmail to Deadline.

When asked where Tyrell was, Esmail gave this cryptic answer about Elliot.

“The show is about a guy who has this disorder in real time that we’re discovering with him. What do you do when your alter ego has acted as you? How do you deal with that emotionally and practically on a real-world level?” said Esmail to Deadline.

Mr. Robot is a blatant ripoff of Fight Club in premise but takes the next step to distance itself from the muse and establish new ground. For the series to succeed there needs to be a definitive end game in Esmail’s mind.

Mr. Robot will return to USA next summer.

What did you think of the first season? Is this the first series to shine a bright light on the mental health issues in America?

Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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