What Movie Trailers Might We See During Super Bowl 50?

Super Bowl 50, like every other Super Bowl (at least the last 40 or so), is only partly about the game. The majority of the event is a massive media platform for advertisers and companies to push their products for a hefty price. That includes movie studios.

There are only a few confirmed movie trailers for Super Bowl 50 thus far, and a few more suspects. Most of these we’ve seen more than enough of, a couple we’ve only caught glimpses, and one hopeful in particular we haven’t seen anything from at this point.

Fox has grabbed two 30-second spots during the game, and one of these will undoubtedly go to Deadpool since the Marvel flick opens a few days afterward. The other is likely going to one of two other Fox tentpoles for 2016: Independence Day: Resurgence,or X-Men: Apocalypse. I’m pulling for Apocalypse to be honest.


Disney released a TV-spot for Alice: Through the Looking Glass earlier this week, which will probably pop up during one of their purchased ads during the game. Here’s that spot, if you are a masochist and want to watch it:

Surely one of their spots will go to Captain America: Civil War. We’ve only seen one (incredible) trailer to this point, so maybe we’ll get a few new glimpses of the picture, which hits theaters in May. There’s also the chance The Jungle Book, Zootopia, or Finding Dory will pop up in one of the ads.

Paramount bought one commercial slot, and that will likely go to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sequel, Out of the Shadows.

But the biggest mystery/excitement surrounding movie trailers at Super Bowl 50 involves Universal’s 60-second spot. This mystery is dwindling as we near the game, however, as it’s almost certain now the first footage of Bourne 5 will debut the one-minute commercial. The official title will obviously accompany the Bourne 5 spot, so keep your eyes peeled…


Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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