What Beer Pairs Well With ‘Beauty and the Beast?’

What beers should you drink while watching ‘Beauty and the Beast’?

‘Beauty and the Beast’ hit theaters last, and among many questions with the film, this is the one lingering on a beer snobs mind.

If you’re like me, you often enjoy a cold brew with your movie. There are theaters where you can actually get a beer while you watch the movie. Have you ever wanted to theme your beer around your movie experience? This article is for you!

This past weekend, the live-action Disney feature completely rocked the box office. According to  Fox Entertainment News, The opening blew out records with $170 million and claimed it’s spot at number one. Let’s pair this movie with a good beer, shall we?

One type of beer clearly comes to mind when thinking of this movie. A lager. This type of beer was popular back in the days of ‘Beauty and the Beast’, and we all know that’s what they were drinking at Gaston’s Tavern.

Obviously, the beers from that time are no longer around… Or are they?

Pabst Blue Ribbon. Do we dare go, hipster? PBR has been around since 1884. Now, there is an argument about when the movie took place, but one of the theories is the late 1880s. PBR would fit.

This American lager is a 4.74% ABV, perfect for a session drink, or even an all day event. With the light and crisp flavor, it’s easy to drink as if you were having your water for the day.

Not exactly the hoppiest of beers, but back then the hops didn’t matter. They went for taste value and what could get you drunk.

This weekend when you go see ‘Beauty and the Beast’ for the second time, grab a PBR, sit back, and pretend like your in the tavern with these crazy gents.

What beer would you recommend for ‘Beauty and the Beast?’ Comment below.

Devon Kenney
Devon Kenney
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