Wes Craig Puts On A Show In DEADLY CLASS #32

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Deadly Class begins a new arc, with the new students fighting alongside the previous class in a fight against the Yakuza.

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We are now thirty-two issues into the dynamite Image series by Rick Remender and Wes Craig. This new arc comes out of the gate at full throttle.

One of the most impressive things about Remender’s writing has been the smooth transition of the new cast. It was a bold move that paid off.

Now with Marcus and Maria back in the mix, having the new students fighting back-to-back with our favorite power couple is supremely satisfying. Quan, Zenzele, Helmut, and Tosahwi are now fully formed characters, ready to proceed to the next level of King’s Dominion’s challenges.

Quan’s betrayal, working for Saya’s Yakuza brother, has delivered top-notch drama. Getting to see Marcus and Viktor briefly team-up before their revenge showdown was full of palpable tension and emotion.

Each one of these kids is relatable in a different way, the different baggage they all bring with them into this bloodbath will put readers on edge. Deadly Class is an intimate reading experience for those of us who have been reading issue to issue. In an issue this bloody, every page turn could be a heartbreaker.

This issue allowed Wes Craig to be an absolute rock star. He unleashes an unrelenting assault of gorgeous carnage on your eyeballs. His layouts are crisp and creative, dressing up a massacre in his unique style. Jordan Boyd colors these pages with a simple and stunning appeal.

The action sequences are fast-paced and brutal. Marcus mentions Frank Miller comics early in the issue, the Yakuza members resembling the mutant gang members from The Dark Knight Returns was a nice touch. Wes Craig dazzles throughout the entire issue.

How long does this series have to continue being fantastic for it to get more attention? Perhaps if the SyFy Deadly Class pilot gets picked up, the comic will gain the larger audience it deserves.

Next issue we’ll get to see Marcus and Viktor go toe-to-toe. Will we be losing a Deadly Class staple? Will Marcus finally exact his revenge? One thing’s for sure, Wes Craig is going to put on another show. His fight choreography and layouts never disappoint.

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