The Infamous Ween Announces Reunion Show

This past week has been bustling with activity amidst the world of alternative rock and alternative metal. The bands Tool and Primus both announced upcoming U.S. tours, the Foo Fighters, and U2 have canceled shows in France due to the recent terrorist attacks, and President Barack Obama publicly mentioned the band Korn in a speech he delivered during a Medal of Honor ceremony. However, two days ago brought news that many view to possibly be the most important announcement yet. On November 16, 2015, the members of the influential and cult-status alternative rock band Ween announced that the band will reunite for two upcoming shows in 2016. ween2016-362x560

For those who are unfamiliar with the band, Ween is an American alternative/experimental rock band formed by Mickey Melchiondo Jr and Aaron Freeman, better known by stage names Dean Ween and Gene Ween. The band formed in 1984 and had since achieved a cult following. Their fan base is one of the most consistent and dedicated groups in music, and they are just as if not more active now than they were during the band’s pinnacle moments of success. Although many may not recognize the name of the band, chances are at one point you’ve heard at least one of their songs without realizing it. They even made a song for SpongeBob SquarePants about learning how to tie shoes.

The band broke up in 2012 after a notorious incident from the year before during a show in Vancouver, in which Aaron Freeman became intoxicated and drunkenly sang in the wrong key while lying face down on stage. Freeman has gone on record saying that he left Ween to work on his sobriety. The shows will take place this upcoming President’s Day Weekend in Bloomfield, Colorado. Now after more than three years later, the world will receive at least one more taste of the musical experience that is known as Ween.

Ween ‘Push th’ Little Daisies’

Sam Casale
Sam Casale
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