Water Woman has the potential for great storytelling through dynamic CGI liquid.

WATER WOMAN #1: The Potential Of CGI Liquid Effects

Water Woman #1 is a Kickstarter comic from Gail Simone’s Comic School alumni Steffie de Vaan and Crissie Brown.

What Is Water Woman #1?

The Comic School by comic legend Gail Simone is an online set of classes teaching hopeful writers how to make a comic book. Brown has a background in theatre arts, so it’s not hard to see her wanting to write a comic book. Award-winning writer Tom Taylor has a background in theatre; even Stan Lee wanted playwright Václav Havel for adult-themed comics before Havel became a Czech president. As for Brown, her background involves the use of technology in traditional theatre. Brown uses CGI for various effects like backgrounds and fluid objects. But having all creative duties can be exhausting, so it’s good to have a friend like classmate Steffie de Vaan, especially if she has a background in Tabletop RPGs. This leads to the campy Water Woman #1.

A James Cameron Stylization

Water Woman #1 storyWhat makes Brown’s CGI art style stand out the most in Water Woman #1 is how she portrays the title character. Steffie de Vaan writes a proof-of-concept origin story about a superhero recovering from an abusive relationship. When Niqui Salinas-Aguado is knocked into the Bermuda Triangle by her money-laundering ex-girlfriend, Salinas-Aguado’s entire body becomes like liquid water. This is a great idea in terms of potential in story and utilizing still CGI’s full effect. It brings up similar ideas to James Cameron for Terminator 2 but in a new direction.

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After a betrayal, Niqui can’t quite reform herself. Much like anyone recovering from a bad breakup with an abusive partner, it takes unconditional love to build Niqui back up. It’s quite literal in this case with the suit Niqui’s scientist mother designs. But even that won’t keep Niqui in one piece as the reminder of being in a relationship almost makes her turn back into liquid. It’s a pretty clever use of displaying character; despite trying to keep herself together, there are still complications Niqui has to face. Not least of which is dealing with that abusive ex’s crimes. Unfortunately, de Vaan and Brown have only scratched the surface with Water Woman #1.

Are You Thirsty For Water Woman #1?

Brown and de Vaan have an idea that has the potential. Check out their Kickstarter campaign for more details –

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Water Woman has the potential for great storytelling through dynamic CGI liquid.WATER WOMAN #1: The Potential Of CGI Liquid Effects