Walking Dead: Here’s Why Negan’s Entrance Perfected The Cliffhanger

Sending The Internet Into A Frenzy, Walking Dead “Trolls” Their Fans

If you went on Twitter this morning, ‘The Walking Dead‘ fanbase has been in an uproar after last night’s season 6 finale. The show ended this season with their biggest cliffhanger to date; the introduction of Negan & the murder of one of our favorites. We know it won’t be Carl or Rick Grimes due to Negan’s line of “If anyone talks, cut the boy’s other eye out and feed it to his father”. That instantly let the audience know that both of them won’t be meeting Lucille but WHO WAS IT!?

Walking Dead

Well, we won’t find out until the Season 7 premiere in October. The creators of the show left us with so many questions for the next season but very little answers.


And that’s perfectly alright.

Rarely do filmmakers & artist leave mystery around what they create; fans now want an definitive answer immediately and the creators give them that. But look what happens when you leave them hanging…we saw it with ‘The Force Awakens‘ and now we see it with ‘Walking Dead‘, the mystery allows more people to talk about it and allow the moment to go viral.

It was rumored for weeks now that the season finale would end with Negan swinging his barbed-wire covered baseball and cutting to black before we saw who he kills. The rumor came true and sent the audience into a tizzy. Fans of the comic books have a good idea of who will die but with this cliffhanger, their assumed answer is still left up in the air. Viewers will no doubt be tuning in during the first episode of Season 7 even if they would have shown who was killed so this was a great of making them even crazier during the near 8 month long break.

This is also the perfect time for the creators behind ‘The Walking Dead‘ to “troll” the fans even more. During filming of the new season, how perfect would it be if they kept cast members around on set even if they weren’t filming? If any set photos leak, you can combat that by not showing any missing cast members. In the era of spoilers and rabid fans, I think that any chance to create something with this much mystery & hype is magical.

Walking Dead

How did Walking Dead’s finale make you feel? Was this cliffhanger too much for you? The only thing we know is we have a long wait ahead of us.

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