Did The Opening Scene Of Tonight’s ‘The Walking Dead’ Just Leak?

In The Walking Dead season 7 premiere tonight, we finally will have closure to one of the most controversial cliffhangers in T.V. history. Negan (Jeffrey Dead Morgan) will choose which member of Rick’s group will have a date with his bat Lucille. Theories have been floated as to who in the cast may or may not be meeting their end on Sunday night, but the most remarkable part in all of this is little has leaked about who dies tonight … until now.

The Walking DeadIf you don’t want to know who may or may not meet the fat end of Negan’s bat, then please stop reading right now.

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Okay, here is the clip that was leaked on Reddit.

What do you guys think of this clip? Could this be the answer we’ve been waiting for? What was odd about the clip to me was the music in the background. Maybe this is part of some dream sequence? Either way, it seems as if we are headed for a brutal start to the seventh season of The Walking Dead.

Dewey Singleton - Film Critic
Dewey Singleton - Film Critic
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