VOLTRON: The Cast Wants A Shiro Led Spin-Off

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Voltron: Legendary Defender is coming to an end with season eight, but a few cast members would like to see a Shiro led Galaxy Garrison spin-off.

At MegaCon Tampa, we spoke with Josh Keaton the voice of Shiro and asked him if he would like to see a spin-off show with Shiro.

“I want this to happen, Dreamworks make it happen. We need a Galaxy Garrison spin-off. I mean we got the Atlas now. We got Captain Shiro and the Galaxy Garrison now. Earth is kind of like the hub it seems for the coalition. I feel like there’s so much more story that can still be told,” said Keaton.

Josh Keaton Talks Final Season Of VOLTRON: LEGENDARY DEFENDER

The voice of Allura, Kimberly Brooks also chimed in with her thoughts on a Galaxy Garrison series.

“That would be amazing, maybe Allura could show up every once and a while and save a few lives, repair a few arms. I’m sure Shiro will need Allura because she’s saved him quite a few times,” said Brooks.

VOLTRON Final Season, It Was Very Emotional For Kimberly Brooks (Allura)

In the videos, you can see the excitement in the voice actors talking about a spin-off. Keaton and Brooks love the passion from the fanbase and realize how powerfully important Shiro and Allura are as role models. A Galaxy Garrison series could only expand on the legacy of Voltron and possibly introduce a whole new set powerful role models. It is understandable if Dreamworks and Netflix want to go out on a high note, but the universe is infinite, and new threats could be found for Admiral Shiro and his crew of the Atlas to defend against.

The Keaton interview is the most liked and commented on video in Monkeys Fighting Robots history, and by the end of the week will be the most viewed as well. All of the comments are overwhelmingly positive and are in favor of a Shiro spin-off. A surprising statistic to this writer was the viewing audience of the interview is 90% female. This stat confirms the support a show will receive if it has a well written, strong female lead.

Do you want to see a Shiro led Galaxy Garrison spin-off? Comment below with your thoughts.

Matthew Sardo
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  1. 🙂 Thanks!

    In a show where there are alternate realities, there is no shortage of ideas. However, I can say I would probably go the FMA route.

    So much of Voltron’s story was actually never developed – from the simple reason as to why Shiro was cloned, to Lance’s insecurities, to Allura’s demotion from a commander, to Lotor’s freedom from his abusive past, to Keith’s actual leadership arc (not two years on the back of a whale), to even “they brought another one” in the first episode.

    As you probably know, there was one FMA anime that finished to an original end and a second anime that told the story as per the manga.

    Therefore, I‘d like to see a spin-off that redid S3-onwards and actually give answers to plot points abandoned. (Call it an alternate reality.)

    I’d like to see the characters’ struggles this time, not just hear in interviews that Lance is no longer insecure because he’s now playing Keith’s role, that Shiro is no longer ill (though we have no idea how he knows this or if he even does), and then I would like the spin-off to reinforce what the show seemed to forget – that the paladins are always stronger together.

    (My apologies – tangent – I don’t understand why “six paladins, five lions” is a problem. So Shiro flies Black and maybe Atlas (if it is needed). Keith can fly Black and Red, Lance Red and Blue, Allura Blue and Atlas, or all the lions. [The lions are connected to her life force, after all.] IMHO – this versatility would make the team stronger.)

    In any case, I know this won’t happen. I know Atlas is a more likely spin-off.

    But I just can’t get onboard with that since VLD had a non-white, queer, disabled man as a main character and then separated him from the team, along with a list of other offensive actions dealing with race, disabilities, and sexuality.

    I might be able to get onboard if it were different EPs, but as it stands – I’ll finish the show and move on.

    Thank you for your time.

  2. I’ll take that question: there’s a wealth of places the story could go, but the only way we can get there is with a new writing team. And this time, they need to have the proven ability to craft a cohesive story start-to-finish, and to balance an ensemble cast with full (not truncated) arcs. Even better if the writers are as diverse as the characters they’re writing, because that’s the best way to make sure any representation is more than just a glossy veneer or lip service for the sake of SDCC victory laps.

    And while you’re at it, get a new production staff. This time, led by someone with the humility to get out of the creatives’ way and let them do their job. Someone who won’t grab the wheel just before the third act, throw out the window every payoff we’ve been waiting on for six seasons, and then drive the story right off a cliff.

    Skip those steps and we’ll just get more of the same. That’s assuming you could convince the fandom to come back for more of the same truncated arcs, flat stereotypes, abandoned storylines, forgotten side-characters, empty worldbuilding, unfulfilled promises, unexplored premises, and the joy of being told major plot points in interviews rather than in the story itself.

    I mean, you could *try* and sell that, but there’s a whole lot of us who wouldn’t be buying. We already invested enough waiting for Shiro to return to his place as the head of his team, and for Allura retake command as Voltron’s (and the coalition’s) leader. Instead the story stuck her permanently in a foot soldier’s position, and tossed Shiro a punishment disguised as a consolation prize.

    Why would we sign up for going through this all over again?

  3. Hi, Matt!

    The title of the show is Voltron, not Atlas, and Shiro’s entire arc revolved him being the Black Paladin. He fought for the role and strengthened his bond with his lion, which is Black. We actually don’t know what Atlas is, other than Allura’s crystal and the castle-ship crystal, both which are not his.

    Also, a bigger mecha isn’t always a better mecha.

    And he didn’t save Voltron, actually. He fell from the sky and got zapped of energy. Voltron saved Atlas.


    • I love your passion for a character. I’m not ready to say goodbye to the Voltron. If you were in charge of a spin-off, what would be your story?

  4. Nope. I find that entirely too sad. Separated from his found family, bond supposedly broken from his lion (but not shown in the show), and demoted to a supporting character on a show he was the lead character of – honestly, I can’t think of a worse end to his story than to be permanently ousted from Voltron. Shiro’s arc was to see if he was too broken be a paladin only to find out that’s true.

    Oh, and he’s disabled, a minority, and queer – and no longer a paladin, the one thing he wanted to be.

    Sorry. Captain Shiro just isn’t a story I want or the story the character deserves. Black Paladin Shiro is.

    • Susie,

      You know the ATLAS is a bigger Voltron, and Shiro can make it work because he’s a Paladin? All he’s hardship led to this point and saving Voltron.

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