VOLTRON: The Cast Wants A Shiro Led Spin-Off

Voltron: Legendary Defender is coming to an end with season eight, but a few cast members would like to see a Shiro led Galaxy Garrison spin-off.

At MegaCon Tampa, we spoke with Josh Keaton the voice of Shiro and asked him if he would like to see a spin-off show with Shiro.

“I want this to happen, Dreamworks make it happen. We need a Galaxy Garrison spin-off. I mean we got the Atlas now. We got Captain Shiro and the Galaxy Garrison now. Earth is kind of like the hub it seems for the coalition. I feel like there’s so much more story that can still be told,” said Keaton.

Josh Keaton Talks Final Season Of VOLTRON: LEGENDARY DEFENDER


The voice of Allura, Kimberly Brooks also chimed in with her thoughts on a Galaxy Garrison series.

“That would be amazing, maybe Allura could show up every once and a while and save a few lives, repair a few arms. I’m sure Shiro will need Allura because she’s saved him quite a few times,” said Brooks.

VOLTRON Final Season, It Was Very Emotional For Kimberly Brooks (Allura)

In the videos, you can see the excitement in the voice actors talking about a spin-off. Keaton and Brooks love the passion from the fanbase and realize how powerfully important Shiro and Allura are as role models. A Galaxy Garrison series could only expand on the legacy of Voltron and possibly introduce a whole new set powerful role models. It is understandable if Dreamworks and Netflix want to go out on a high note, but the universe is infinite, and new threats could be found for Admiral Shiro and his crew of the Atlas to defend against.

The Keaton interview is the most liked and commented on video in Monkeys Fighting Robots history, and by the end of the week will be the most viewed as well. All of the comments are overwhelmingly positive and are in favor of a Shiro spin-off. A surprising statistic to this writer was the viewing audience of the interview is 90% female. This stat confirms the support a show will receive if it has a well written, strong female lead.

Do you want to see a Shiro led Galaxy Garrison spin-off? Comment below with your thoughts.

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