Venture Bros. Episode 5 Recap – Trouble in Paradise

Venture Bros. opens with a fight between Dr. Mrs. The Monarch and The Monarch/Blue Morpho. It’s something audiences saw coming way back from the beginning of the season. The Monarch’s identity crisis with discovering the truth about his father, and all the subsequent lies he’s telling the Missus by keeping it from her slowly build into a relationship crisis. It’s all just a catastrophe waiting to happen.

Despite watching The Monarch self-destruct, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch is really coming into her own. The woman doesn’t take any crap. Dr. Mrs. The Monarch starts her own storyline with her role in The Guild. She’s got her own villain outfit, her own limo, and spends all her time with fellow career-villains. The scenes with her and Battle Axe, while short-lived, work incredibly well. The villain to hero ratio, which includes the strange anti-heroes, seems incredibly disproportionate in the world of Venture Bros. It would be interesting to see Dr. Mrs. The Monarch rise up in The Guild. But then what would her name be? This woman has always been known as a variation on Dr. Girlfriend, meaning a person in relation to another person. She’s got the stuff to take on her own super villain storyline, and hopefully she will.

Now this will probably come into fruition when The Monarch’s Blue Morpho ploy blows up in his face. At this point, everyone thinks The Blue Morpho is actually Dr. Venture. The man is too practical for the Batman strategy. Villains are targeting Dr. Venture quite a lot lately, so really no one would blame him for the costumed alter ego. The man is more concerned with the value of his company first, as without it he won’t get to continue his R&D the basement.

Brock and Warriana continue their romance, or I should say not-typical romance, in this episode. Warriana is clearly the dominant one in the relationship, and surprisingly Brock doesn’t see his masculinity threatened. Although it’s likely the two of them will have a conflict of interest, because of their respective bosses.

This episode chock full of great female characters, good job Venture Bros.

Jess Morton
Jess Morton
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