Venture Bros. Episode 4 Recap – Blue Morpho the Anti-Hero?

Like any good Venture Bros. adventure, the episode starts with a set of problems. The first with Dr. Venture getting a reminder, from the not-ghost of his dead brother, that he’s meant to present something at Science Now Conference in two days. Cue scientist duo Pete White and Billy Quizboy. Useless and terrible inventions abound in the shiny new lab.

Meanwhile in the Blue Morpho’s former secret lair, The Monarch and Henchman 21 hash it out. The Monarch is pissed that his father was a hero, and not a notable one at that. Henchman 21 thinks this is The Monarch’s ‘birthright,’ whatever that means. It’s now blatantly obvious that The Blue Morpho is a reference to the Green Hornet. Think the ABC, 60s television Green Hornet, not that shitty movie with Seth Rogen. The Blue Morpho’s secret lair still looks an awful lot like Batcave.

Henchman 21, our beloved pop culture geek, really comes into his own in this episode. The guy somehow transfers seamlessly (and conveniently) to mentor roles to push The Monarch into new storylines. Of course Henchman 21 is also a great excuse for the Venture Bros. to make as many nerdy references as they like. Watch for the great Star Wars bit.


Billy Quizboy, Pete White and Dr. Venture finally come up with another disaster waiting to happen: Mind Control Gas. Quixboy’s rodent trials encapsulate some serious dark humor. The mice actually have their own storyline over a few scenes. Viewers must have a basic knowledge of the bible to get it.

Now Venture Bros. scaled back Dr. The Mrs. Monarch in this episode, which is a huge disappointment, but brought back Warriana. Viewers haven’t really seen Warriana since Episode One. Warriana is great, and calls Brock out on all of his BS. Warriana doesn’t have time for your fragile masculinity. She’s got stuff to do. It’s hard to say if Warriana will turn into just another love interest in Venture Bros., or if she’ll develop into something more. One thing to for sure, Hispanic Wonder Woman doesn’t take crap from anyone.

Jess Morton
Jess Morton
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