Valentine’s Day 2017: The Year An Alternative Valentine’s Day Starter Kit Has Arrived

Valentine’s Day is here, and as expected, there are likely last minute gift givers getting chocolate, flowers, and reservations to some overly priced, small portioned affair for dinner as well. Valentine’s Day is not for everyone, and some our quite okay with that. If you’re among a certain segment of the population that this quote below is dogma or your motto or mantra, then an Alternative Valentine’s Day Starter Kit is for you.

“Random Thoughts, for Valentines day, 2004. The day’s a holiday invented by greeting card companies, to make people feel like crap”

Valentine’s Day has music, film, and literature that fits the mold of love and lovers alike, but luckily for you, there is an Alternative Valentine’s Day solution too. Whether you’re having a Emo, solo V-Day, or the usual tropes simply nauseate or disgust you, then there is something to be found within this kit below.


The Alternative Valentine’s Day Films/TV Shows You’re Looking For

Alternative Valentine’s Day films, like filmography in general, comes with its own
subgenres. For Potential reciprocity for or against a former love, one should seek such movies as The Abominable Dr. Phibes and Secret Window. If you are looking for anything under the Supernatural, sci-fi, or superhero alternative takes on love stories, there is Wolf, Wristcutters: A Love Story, Bride of Frankenstein, Batman Returns, and Corpse Bride.

There is also the lonely category of Young love like the Wes Anderson’s
Moonrise Kingdom, but there is potentially other additions to this category.
Also among you Alternative Valentine’s Day patrons are likely the Trouble getting over getting over your past love films, that which include Tomb of Ligeia, Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, and Youth in Revolt. Lastly, in the more general category of alternative film options that may include one or more of the above subgenres, but not enough of any one, there is the Alternative love stories that may or may not work out in the end, which would include Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Science of Sleep, The Village, Edward Scissorhands, The Time Machine, The Butterfly Effect, The Raven, Punch Drunk Love, Star Wars Episode II, Crimson Peak, and 500 Days of Summer.

Just in case you thought this Alternative Valentine’s Day Starter Kit did not come with TV shows for you to watch, you are mistaken, my friend.

Whether entering the crypt or another dimension, there are two shows that definitely have your back for Alternative Vday. The Twilight Zone has a few, but three significant ones are Two, From Agnes with Love, and The Chaser. Then there is also the cackling Cryptkeeper that has brought horror fans some alternative love Tales From The Crypt, such as Love Come Hack Me, ‘Til Death, Collection Completed, or Loved to Death.

Alternative Valentine’s Day Music To Broken And Alternative Hearts

Just in case this surprises you, Alternative Valentine’s Day music is almost
as plentiful as regular, sappy sap Valentine’s Day music. There are obvious ones like Taking Back Sunday’s Tell all your Friends album, Brand New’s first two albums, most songs from The Smiths, and just about anything from the band Joy Division. However, singularly, Love Will Tear Us Apart is practically an anthem for this whole starter kit.

Left for Dead’s My Machine, Dead Man’s Bones’ Flowers Grow Out of My Grave, and The Phantom Chord’s Fever in my Blood are examples of a horror or dark alternative approach to it. Lest we forget, the secondary anthem of the Alternative Vday Starter Kit is Beck’s cover of I need your love like the sunshine from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It is certainly a must have.


Alternative Literary Selections For An Alternative Valentine’s Day

Alternative literature for today, if you so choose to enjoy this instead of some steamy “romance” novel or a classic love story, there are some options in this department. Edgar Allan Poe can always be counted upon for an alternative to the usual emotional, kissy kiss love stories. Those can be exemplified through Ligeia or The Oval Portrait, as far as an Anti-VDay, broken hearted story examples. Though, if you’re looking for an alternative style of love story, Edgar Allan Poe also delivers with his one and only love story entitled Eleonora.

Christine by Stephen King could certainly give you an alternative take on love for your Alternative Valentine’s Day. Even Chuck Palahniuk has Choke, for a more disturbed love story, amongst other thematic elements. However, do not forget that Chuck himself stated that Fight Club, in essence for him, was a love story. So therefore, that could fulfill your film and literature needs in a hybrid way.

Then, of course, for other alternative tales of love, you might also want to look up
Nathaniel Hawthorne. Also, for something Poe-like, there is little known Horacio Quiroga.


As aforementioned, this is merely a starter kit, and there is still more literature, film, music, and probably even art that would also support your Alternative Valentine’s Day needs. Though something quintessential as food was not a category, clearly chocolates and sweets work for regular and Alternative Valentine’s Day attendees alike.

[Images Via Lucasfilm/Focus Pictures/Black Cat Films LTD.]

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