Unreleased Fantastic 4 Trailer Better Than the New Movie?

The Fantastic 4 released last weekend to a massive flop. The crazy part is that the super group had another awful foray in film in 1994, but would it still be better than the latest cut?

​The short answer is yes the 1994 version of Fantastic 4 is better than the new one because I didn’t have to pay for it.

The long answer is no, because this movie would have been what nightmares are made of had it been released.

Painfully awful cinematography, the destruction of a few classic characters and a badass villain all while the strongest man on screen looks like a ninja turtle that was left in the sun for a decade.

Count me out.

At first I was fully prepared to say that I would rather sit through an unwatchable, unreleased Fantastic 4 movie but then I saw the sheer horror that the movie studios shielded the masses from and I take it back. Roger Corman definitely tried his best at the time but this trailer and the film, if you choose to watch it, are reminders of why comic book films were looked at as jokes up until recently.

One redeeming aspect is that Dr. Doom doesn’t look as awful as The Thing, but I can’t even imagine what it looks like when Human Torch turns the flame on.

I don’t care how painfully awful the new Fantastic 4 is, I would probably be brought to tears if I had to watch the full length film.

What do you think of this trailer? Let us know in the comments below if you toughed it out and watched the entire film!

Darcy Reddan
Darcy Reddan
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