Underrated Anime: Kamisama no Memochou – God’s Notepad

Quite possibly one of the few anime where I always watch the opening theme song, Kamisama no Memochou is hardly noticed. Even I have found myself forgetting the title from time to time. Later finding myself desperate to find it once more. Almost preying on our inner instincts, that those without much background or talents can have a huge impact. Kamisama no Memochou acts as another mystery anime that works in a manner opposite normal mystery anime.

Kamisama no Summary

Fujishima Narumi, a high school student whose key characteristic is not standing out very much. Despite this, a long chain of events ends up with Narumi being involved with a group of NEETs. (No Education, Employment, or Training) Along with another one of his classmates, Ayaka, the group follows their leader, Alice. A very childish Hikikomori (shut in), Alice leads the group on various detective cases. Her idea is that there are only 2 professions that can help the dead. Either writers or detectives. Writers being able to use their imagination to create a story. And detectives, able to figure out the facts of what happened to the deceased. Choosing the latter, we follow Narumi on his adventure with the group.

Kamisama no Verdict

Kamisama no Memochou seems to fill my urge when I want a satisfying anime. Being only 12 episodes, the series is fairly short. Getting a few good mysteries in as well as good character development, I can definitely recommend this. Yet what stands above everything else is that it how it holds motivation for the viewer. That even those who don’t fit in with everyday society can still aid those in need. Kamisama no Memochou may not be engraved into your memories like One Piece or Naruto. Instead lingers, drawing you back in after weeks, months, or years, just to view it one last time.

David Harada
David Harada
A weeb in hiding by day, an avid Manchester United supporter by night. Living on both sides of the coin, David has graduated with a Liberal Arts Degree in Philosophy and Writing from Soka University of America. With a strong background in Japanese culture and being able to speak the language to boot, this man straddles the line between full-time nerd and sideline athlete. To him, as long as it is interesting he will watch it!