Beer Review: Two Rivers Pomegranate Cider

Let me start by saying I’m not much of a cider fan (I don’t even really like apple juice). Typically, I find them too sweet and I just think they leave bad after taste. That’s not to say I didn’t have my share of hazy college nights thanks to too many Hornsby’s, but I’ll take a beer over a cider any day. All of this could not be more the opposite of my wife, who loves all ciders.

That brings us to Two Rivers Cider Company , a Sacramento-area based cider maker who doesn’t just settle for apple. They offer a variety of different flavored ciders including raspberry, blood orange and pomegranate which is what we cracked up this week.


This definitely doesn’t have an apple smell to it. I’d almost say it doesn’t have much smell at all. I’ll be honest, I don’t know what a pomegranate smells like, so maybe this cider smells exactly like one of those and I just don’t know it.



This is a pink drink. It’s basically the same color as a Cosmopolitan or a rosé. I guess I should have been expecting a reddish or pink color since pomegranates are red, but I was thinking of the golden color of most


There’s a lot of carbonation in this drink. So much so that I found it sort of stinging on the tongue, almost like champagne. I typically like my ciders dry, crisp and really cold. This was all of those things. It was not fruity in any way, but lacked flavor overall.


Meh. I didn’t hate it. I wouldn’t drink it again but then again I’ve already stated that I don’t really like ciders so I might be a bad judge. My wife really liked it and would definitely drink it again. I guess opposites do attract.

Justin Chechourka
Justin Chechourka
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