Twin Peaks Offers A Look At Key Locations In New Teaser

Showtime has released a new Twin Peaks teaser for fans to pour over. It offers a look some of the key locations in the titular city. And it seems some have hardly changed in the last twenty-five years.

While the Waiting Room and the Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Office could be footage from 1989, The Double R Diner is definitely recent with its “RR to Go” signage on the side and fairly modern cars in the lot.

Beyond quick cuts of the Palmer house and the Ghost Wood, Showtime continues to be fairly vague in just what the new season will offer. In fact, we don’t even known if we’ll get an answer to the season two cliffhanger. Where is Annie?

At the very least, we know the Roadhouse didn’t burn down in the previous two decades. Which means there will always be a place to learn deep truths about the citizens of Twin Peaks.

Twin Peaks returns Sunday, May 21 on Showtime.

Erik Amaya
Erik Amaya
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