Even though streaming has been great for distribution and viewing, home video formats are hard to beat for a lot of people. On top of that, there are great shows remain unseen in the United States because they’re not available in any format.  Here are some series that haven’t gotten the release they deserve.

La Hora Marcada

hora marcada


Even if its production value left a lot to be desired, this was a show that many remember as genuinely scary. It certainly got the job done with episodes directed by filmmakers such as Alfonso Cuarón and Guillermo Del Toro.  Mexican TV shows, particularly telenovelas, are no strangers for DVD distribution in the United States. So a release of this series doesn’t seem unrealistic. There was a DVD release in Mexico but it didn’t have all episodes and a lot of the episodes that would get the attention of cinephiles, such as those directed by Cuarón and Del Toro, were missing. So, here’s to hoping that someone decides to pick it up for a better, more complete series set in the United States.



 Krzyszstof Kieslowski’s maverick miniseries did have a DVD release in the United States years ago.  But with its burned-in subtitles and mediocre A/V quality, it left a lot to be desired. Two of its episodes were expanded into feature films. So if you’ve seen A Short Film About Killing and A Short Film About Love, you know you’re in for a ride.


The end of Utopia … or is it?

What happens when your favorite graphic novel turns out to be a key part of a conspiracy? Utopia happens. Considered one of the best British TV series of recent years, Utopia hasn’t found a home video release in the USA. Its fantastic cinematography and insane score make it deserving of the best picture and audio quality. With David Fincher and Gillian Flynn attempting to do a remake for HBO, there was hope there would be an American release. But with the remake and the actual show now cancelled, who knows when we will see it.

If you have the means, get the British Blu-Ray and DVD right here.

Him and Her 

him and her

Tired of movies and shows glamorizing relationships and love? This BBC series will surely satisfy you. Although a little too gross at times, its (sometimes) crude humor is part of its appeal, giving a sweet and funny insight into relationships. Sarah Solemani and Russell Tovey must be seen to be believed.

If you have the means, you can get the BBC DVD here.


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