TV Review: ‘Atlanta’ On FX Is Dark, Hilarious, And All Too Real

Rapper And Actor Donald Glover Shows What Life In ‘Atlanta’ Is Really Like In This Dark Comedy!

Once the first episode starts with a WorldStar reference, I knew I was going to be entertained. If you know Donald Glover as rapper Childish Gambino, you know he has his finger on the pulse. ‘Atlanta‘ proves that statement with a hilariously dark depiction of what feels autobiographical at times.

The story follows Donald Glover as Earnest “Earn” Marks, a young Princeton dropout who manages his cousin’s Alfred rap career. Alfred, also known as Paper Boi, has a new mixtape but no promotion. That’s where the smarts and cunning nature of Earn comes into play. But what Alfred does have is a bizarre sidekick named Darius. Some of the best moments came from the way-too-high Darius.

Viewers are perfectly introduced to these characters and you get a real sense of the story quickly. The brilliant character introduction & authentic vibe in ‘Atlanta’ is there cause of Donald Glover’s wonderful writing. People tell you to write about what you know and this is a perfect example of that. Glover is giving us a peek into his life. The story may not be exactly his own but the realism oozes out the screen. Also, major props to director Hiro Murai for bringing Glover’s words to life with ease.


Another thing I loved about this episode was how borderline surreal it felt. When Glover described the show as “Twin Peaks for rappers”, I chuckled. But when upon seeing the episode, that description makes perfect sense. You think you get the show until it throws you a big curve ball. The bus scene with the well-dressed man making a sandwich for Earn was strange. This was the scene that showed reality may be a bit warped in Glover’s Atlanta.

Final Thoughts:

FX keeps making comedic gold. ‘Atlanta‘ is just another strong showing in a long-list of great hits. There is also much praise for the show from critics and viewers alike. Donald Glover truly captured something magical here. I didn’t think I would see issues like police brutality, inner city crime, poverty, and transpobia handled addressed with such a twisted smile.

This might be my new favorite comedy of the season.

You can watch ‘Atlanta‘ Tuesday nights on FX Networks! Check out the series premiere on Youtube by clicking below.

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EJ Moreno
EJ Moreno
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