From Trinity to Quinnity – Harley Quinn is the Fourth Pillar of DC Comics

Jim Lee has seen a lot in his comic book career. After spurring the 1990’s Marvel Comics renaissance, he helped found Image Comics, sold his production company to DC and then worked up to become the Co-Publisher of DC Comics. Along the way he arguably influenced a generation of comic book artists with his active, detailed style of illustration.

So when Jim Lee says Harley Quinn is the Fourth Pillar of DC Comics, we should probably take notice.

The Road to becoming the Fourth Pillar

For a character born in 1992 to flesh out a scene in Batman: The Animated Series, the road to super-stardom has been relatively fast, with worldwide notice taking place in 2016’s Suicide Squad movie. Within the last few years, Harley Quinn has been taking the comic book world by storm becoming one of the most featured players in the DC Universe, and is currently enjoying even more total appearances than Wonder Woman, who is part of the DC Comics “Trinity” that also includes Superman and Batman.

Clearly, the complex character of Harley Quinn resonates with modern fans. She’s a psychopath, a paramour of Joker, colorful, funny and unpredictable. She’s a hero, anti-hero and villain. Harley Quinn often challenges us to examine an idea from various perspectives and to consider things from whatever point of view she may or may not have.

With all of these attributes, it’s not hard to understand how Harley Quinn became so popular, so quickly.

So when Jim Lee talks about the Fourth Pillar of DC Comics, it really shines a light on the “coming out party” of Harley Quinn.

Harley Quinn’s Coming Out Party

This “coming out” is translating to some big bucks for DC and Warner Brothers. Licensing for Harley Quinn in toys and collectibles is very hot. Any comic books starring Harley vault to the top of retailer orders, with higher numbers than Superman or Wonder Woman offerings.

All the powers at DC and Warner Brothers know what they have in Harley Quinn.

If people didn’t know her before, they do now after the character’s live-action breakout on the Suicide Squad movie. Conversations of a spinoff are certainly happening.

Clearly Harley Quinn is here to stay and it’s likely the character is going to be a big part of future offerings from DC Comics and the DCEU.

So long Trinity, it seems that DC Comics and Warner Brothers now have “The Quinnity”.

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