Monkeys Fighting Robots

With the results of First Strike, the Visionaries have been introduced to IDW’s Hasbro Universe and their first order of business: is to destroy the Transformers.


After the shocking events of the first issue, the Spectral Knights have to stop the Darkling Lords from eradicating all the Transformers from Cybertron.


It’s really hard to top the end of the first issue, and unfortunately Transformers vs. Visionaries #2 issue doesn’t even come close. Focusing less on the Transformers, the Visionaries are allowed to take center stage as a civil war breaks out between the Spectral Knights and the Darkling Lords. This allows for a perfect opportunity to showcase the different abilities of both sides. Try as hard as it can, the overall plot doesn’t allow the series to shine.

The script by Magdalene Visaggio is serviceable but the overall concept is hard to get behind. The introduction of the Visionaries’ magic causing instant death to the Cybertronians seems more convenient than natural. The Visionaries themselves were just re-introduced and prove to be an extinction level threat to a property which has much more established history, resources, and general familiarity. This idea would have been more acceptable if it had been introduced earlier in the IDW universe. Maybe back during the Revolutionaries when the whole concept surrounded finding the Talisman which turned out to have the Visionaries locked inside?

Transformers Vs Visionaries


The issue is blessed with some outstanding artwork to help make up for the shakey overall premise. The art by Fico Ossio offers a great balance to both the human and Transformer characters. There also is a constancy with the scale so the sizes between the two offer correct proportions.

The colors by David Garcia Cruz helps to accentuate the magical and scientific effects spread through the issue. The rusting effect of the magic on Cybertronians seems more death like thanks to the use of gray which is employed. Sometimes simple tricks can have a big result with the project.

The lettering work by Shawn Lee helps to sell the dialogue. The tension between the characters is made apparent thanks to the attention paid to the lettering.


The issue is entertaining but just feels odd. With the tragic death of the previous issue and the reinforcement of what is all at stake in this one, it’s apparent the reader is supposed to be treating the series like major event. Unfortunately this feels rushed and uncomfortable when readers are just getting to know (or in the case of the hardcore fans, get reacquainted) with the Visionaries and must now must accept they are one of biggest threats to the Transformers culture. In the end it just doesn’t feel right.