TRAILER #2: VOX LUX Delivers Audio-Visual Splendor Starring Natalie Portman

Vox Lux features Oscar-winning actress Natalie Portman as Celeste Montgomery, a woman who survived an early tragedy to become a pop superstar who must navigate a career littered with scandals, motherhood, and another traumatic event. Distributor Neon unleashes Vox Lux on theaters December 7th, 2019.

About Vox Lux

Official Description: An unusual set of circumstances brings unexpected success to a pop star.

Vox Lux comes from writer/director Brady Corbet who might look familiar since he’s had a longer acting career than a directing one. Corbet’s been in front of the camera in Funny Games or 24 and a lot more having started his acting career when he was 11-years-old.  Here, Corbet is directing only his second feature film, and it’s based on a story he wrote.

The trailer boasts an intense biopic for a faux pop star. The film had its world premiere at the 75th Venice International Film Festival and received positive reactions thus far. Natalie Portman is earning plenty of praise for her performance which shouldn’t come as a surprise since she’s at the top of her acting game.

natalie portman-vox lux-trailer

Vox Lux features a cast that includes …

Natalie Portman as Celeste Montgomery
Raffey Cassidy as Young Celeste & Albertine
Jude Law as The Manager
Stacy Martin as Eleanor, Celeste’s older sister
Jennifer Ehle as Josie, the Publicist
Willem Dafoe as The Narrator
Maria Dizzia as Ms. Dwyer
Christopher Abbott
Meg Gibson as Celeste’s mother
Daniel London as Father Cliff
Micheal Richardson as The Musician
Matt Servitto as Celeste’s father

vox lux-movie-film-trailer

What’s there not to like here? Natalie Portman as a pop star in a film that looks like it’ll have wall-to-wall, hard-hitting drama. The trailer shows off some of Portman’s vocal skills, sets up the gist of the story, and leaves viewers with an endless supply of curiosity as to what’s to come in this film.

natalie portman-vox lux-film-trailer

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