TRAILER: THE PRODIGY Tick-Tocks Its Way To Terror

The Prodigy stars Jackson Robert Scott (Locke and Key, It) as a kid with some issues who is in the midst of working them out with a psychiatrist but things slowly become sinister and supernatural. The Prodigy will terrify audiences in 2019.


About The Prodigy

Official Description: A mother concerned about her young son’s disturbing behavior thinks something supernatural may be affecting him.

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Director Nicholas McCarthy is no stranger to horror having previously directed The Pact, At The Devil’s Door, and the “Easter” segment of the horror anthology Holidays. If the trailer here is any indication, McCarthy will have another notch on his belt when it comes to making entertaining horror films. Writer Jeff Buhler is no stranger to horror either having written Midnight Meat Train (2008), Nightflyers (2018, and the upcoming Pet Sematary reboot for 2019. It’s a dynamic duo of modern horror that’s bringing The Prodigy to life. In front of the camera, the trailer reveals Colm Feore who might look familiar because he’s been in 24, House of Cards, Chronicles of Riddick, and a whole freakin’ lot more.


The Prodigy features a cast that includes …

Taylor Schilling as Sarah
Brittany Allen as Margaret St. James
Colm Feore as Arthur Jacobson
Jackson Robert Scott as Miles
Peter Mooney as John
Olunike Adeliyi Rebecca
David Kohlsmith as Miles at 5 Years Old
Michael Dyson as Farmer
Byron Abalos as Penmark Instructor
Martha Girvin as Foster Mom


A fantastic team behind the camera and in front too. Feore is a veteran but young Jackson Robert Scott shows plenty of impressive range in just a two-minute span of a few short scenes. He’s blank and glazed over one moment, terrified the next, and glaring through evil eyes the next.

As a life-long fan of horror, I appreciate the calm approach to things in the trailer. A lot of modern horror seems it feels compelled to get loud and screechy quick and often, making it lose impact. However, The Prodigy takes its time here, allowing the ticking clock to sink deep into our bones which, for me, makes The Prodigy standout from an increasingly crowded market.


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