TRAILER: CURSE OF LA LLORONA Adds More Terror To The Conjuring Universe

The Curse of La Llorona stars Lisa Cardellini as a social worker and single mother who comes face-to-face with an evil spirit focused on snagging kids and otherwise torment the living. The Curse of La Llorona is set to terrify audiences on April 19, 2019.


About The Curse of the La Llorona

Official Description: Ignoring the eerie warning of a troubled mother suspected of child endangerment, a social worker and her own small kids are soon drawn into a frightening supernatural realm.

The Conjuring Universe or Conjure-verse adds a new layer of terror with The Curse of La Llorona. Tony Amendola plays Father Perez, reprising his role from Annabelle back in 2014. James Wan is a Producer here with Michael Chaves directing his first feature. Chaves is also in charge of steering The Conjuring 3 to completion, but that’s only in pre-production right now, so it’s still a year or two away. The film’s premise is loosely based on South American folklore and from the looks of things it’ll be pretty damn terrifying, albeit, with a title, many viewers will have trouble with. Yo-Ro-Nah.


The Curse of the La Llorona features a cast that includes …

Linda Cardellini as Anna Garcia
Raymond Cruz
Patricia Velásquez
Marisol Ramirez as La Llorona
Sean Patrick Thomas
Jaynee-Lynne Kinchen as Samantha
Roman Christou as Chris
Tony Amendola as Father Perez
DeLaRosa Rivera as David Garcia
Madeleine McGraw as April


The trailer for The Curse of La Llorona is certainly effective and expertly done. Consider that a part of the trailer sets up the concept, but the main focus of it is in a car with two kids. And the scene plays out like a demented version of the moment in Jurassic Park with the two kids in the jeep. Only instead of a giant, roaring T-Rex, it’s some demonic woman with pale flesh and blood for tears. I think I’d take my chances with the T-Rex.


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