TRAILER: PARTY’S JUST BEGINNING Stars Karen Gillan As A Woman Dealing With Loss

The Party’s Just Beginning stars Karen Gillan (Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Who) as a woman suffering from the loss of her best friend to suicide and how she’ll rebuild her life without him. The British film premiered at the Glasgow Film Festival in February and gets an official release December 7, 2018.

About The Party’s Just Beginning

Official Description: When her best friend takes his own life, Liusaidh has to deal with stresses of such a situation.

Karen Gillan is not only the star here but the writer and director. Reportedly, it took Gillan six years to get the film done, from writing to financing but it’s here, and overall it’s received good reactions. Based on the subject matter, the film seems like a deeply personal project for Gillan.


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The Party’s Just Beginning features a cast that includes …

Karen Gillan as Liusaidh
Lee Pace as Dale
Matthew Beard as Alistair
Jamie Quinn as Ben
Paul Higgins as Liusaidh’s Dad
Siobhan Redmond as Liusaidh’s Mum
Rachel Jackson as Donna
Paul Tinto as Peter
Stephen Nelson as Chip Shop Guy
Angela Hoisington as the screaming wife

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It’s an impressive feat to write, direct, and star in a film. Each of those aspects, on its own, is difficult. To do all three is indeed a masterstroke for Gillan. You go, girl! It’s a heavy film to swallow but one that will resonate with people who have been through the pain-filled haze of dealing with the death of a loved one. The added layer of suicide makes the death all the more confusing. Gillan certainly has the acting chops to pull off this role. The question now is how good she is at telling a story that’s entirely under her control.

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