Trailer: Neil Patrick Harris is Count Olaf in ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’

Neil Patrick Harris nails the Count Olaf look in this trailer for Netlifx’ A Series of Unfortunate Events. I had completely forgotten this was going to be a thing in 2017, but this trailer gives off a pretty fun vibe:

After the Baudelaire parents die in a terrible fire, the Baudelaire orphans search for their families secrets and get them and their fortune away from the terrible grasp of the sinister Count Olaf as he moves with them between different gaurdians in desquise.

NPH looks awesome, and goes a long way to help erase the memory of that Jim Carrey movie… kidding. Carrey’s movie was fine, but not good enough to kickstart the franchise they wanted.


This version of A Series of Unfortunate Events is an 8-episode Netflix series, so it’ll have more breathing room. There’s a ton of talent scattered in this version, including Bernadette Peters, Aasif Mandvi, Joan Cusack, among others. Also, Barry Sonnenfeld is directing alongside Mark Palansky, which explains the cool Addams Family movie vibe to the visuals.

A Series of Unfortunate Events releases on January 13 on Netflix.

Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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