The trailer for Look Away follows the lonely Maria played India Eisley and quickly reveals it’s a film with a sinister, supernatural twist as Maria’s reflection, her dark side, has a mind of its own. Look Away will hit U.S. Theaters on October 12, 2018.

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About Look Away

Official Description: A lonely 18-year-old high schooler opens up to her reflection because of the lack of support she has from family or friends. However, when she switches places with her reflection, the new-found freedom unleashes suppressed feelings and a sinister dark side.

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The trailer for Look Away impressively sets up the entire movie in just the opening two seconds. When Maria (India Eisley) looks down into the sink, but instead her reflection looks up, viewers now know a lot with very little. The rest of the trailer sets up the bullies that Maria faces at school, the emotional, and perhaps physical abuse she endures at home, and what her dark side starts doing about it.

look away-movie-trailer-india eisley

Look Away features a cast that includes …

Jason Isaacs as Dan
Mira Sorvino as Amy
India Eisley as Maria / Airam
Harrison Gilbertson as Sean
Penelope Mitchell as Lily
Adam Hurtig as English Teacher
Kristen Harris as Naomi
John C. MacDonald as Mark
Connor Peterson as younger brother
Cristina Segovia as (voice)
Burt Lancon as Coach
Tyson Wagner as Student
Jordan Butterill as Jordan, the Posse Member

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Look Away appears to be some love-child of Carrie and Black Swan which is not a bad thing at all. Both films delve into the darker side of humanity, one focused on female adolescence and the other on a female’s drive and passion consuming her. It’s a cinematic baby with a lot of potential. Look Away has us all looking closely at where this thriller will go.

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