Burning is a new film from Korean writer/director Lee Chang-dong from a story by the legendary Japanese author Haruki Murakami that looks like the perfect, nail-biting thriller to enjoy this upcoming month of spooky things. Burning is set for release on October 26, 2018.


About Burning

Official Description: Jong-su bumps into Hae-mi, an old classmate. The pair shares a passionate night before Hae-mi leaves for Africa. The young woman returns with Ben, a mysterious man who confesses a secret hobby.

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From the looks of the trailer, Burning gives a sense of why the tense drama has been praised so often this year in the film festival circuit. Every minute here is dripping with an unnerving gravitas. The soundtrack pulsates, making it penetrate the soul and heart even more than the ears. Fans of The Walking Dead will notice that Ben is played by Steven Yeun and the few moments that capture Yeun’s disaffected pseudo-Gatsby-like character look wonderful.

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Burning features a cast that includes

Yoo Ah-in as Lee Jong-su
Steven Yeun as Ben
Jeon Jong-seo as Shin Hae-mi
Seung-ho Choias as Lee Yong-seok
Seong-kun Mun Seong-kun Mun as Lawyer (as Sung-Keun Moon)
Bok-gi Min Bok-gi Min as Judge
Soo-Jeong Lee Soo-Jeong Lee as Prosecutor
Hye-ra Ban Hye-ra Ban as Jong-su’s Mom
Mi-Kyung Cha Mi-Kyung Cha as Hae-mi’s Mom
Bong-ryeon Lee Bong-ryeon Lee as Hae-mi’s Sister


Burning is based on “Barn Burning” by Haruki Murakami with Lee Chang-dong doing the writing for the film as well as the directing. Lee always writes the movies he directs, but it’s been eight years since his last foray with the tragically beautiful Poetry. The director seems to like this sort of twist on the beautiful and Burning looks to have that sort of signature stamp on it too.


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