TRAILER: THE INFORMER Is Caught Between Power, Corruption, And Revenge

The Informer stars Joel Kinnaman as an ex-con turned informant who becomes the focal point in a power struggle between the FBI, police, and the mob putting his life and that of his family at risk. The trailer puts all the players front and center, including Clive Owen as a sinister FBI agent and Common as a vengeful cop, to set up a film that seems like it’ll have a lot of surprises twists and turns. The Informer is set for release in March 2019.

About The Informer

Official Description: An ex-convict working undercover intentionally gets himself incarcerated again in order to infiltrate the mob at a maximum security prison.

Italian actor and director Andrea Di Stefano leads The Informer thought its many plot twists. Previously, Andrea directed Escobar: Paradise Lost, about drug lord Pablo Escobar. So, it’s safe to say Andrea knows how to tell a story that involves the kind of people we see in the trailer. Corrupt government agents, ex-cons trying to make a new life, the mob, and a cop out for revenge.

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The Informer features a cast that includes …

Joel Kinnaman as Pete Koslow
Rosamund Pike
Ana de Armas as Sofia Hoffman
Clive Owen
Sam Spruell as Slewitt
Ruth Bradley
Martin McCann as Riley
Nasir Jama as Peter’s Detail
Jenna Willis as Nadia


Joel Kinnaman is a bit of a void when it comes to charisma as a leading man. Perhaps his stoic style of acting will suit the kind of character he’s playing here. Surrounding him is a fantastic cast in a story that can either be compelling and complex or straight-forward and unremarkable. Only time will tell where The Informer will land.


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