TRAILER: GLORIA BELL Has Julianne Moore Trying To Live Her Best Life

Gloria Bell stars Julianne Moore as a single woman in her 50s looking for love but the journey to find herself takes some wild twists and turns in this reimagining of the 2012 Chilean-American film Gloria. The film takes Moore’s Gloria to modern-day nightclubs where she meets the likes of John Turturro and Michael Cera in the upcoming comedy-drama. Gloria Bell heads to cinema screens in Spring of 2019.

About Gloria Bell

Official Description: A free-spirited woman in her 50s seeks out love at L.A. dance clubs.


Gloria Bell is based on Gloria, a 2012 film written and directed by Sebastián Lelio who returns for the reimagining. As Lelio puts it, “It’s going to be like jazz, you’ll feel the spirit of the original story, but it’ll be re-invigorated …” The original film received rave reviews, so much so that Moore and others came calling about this new version. Moore is only the tip of the casting iceberg that includes plenty of notable talent.

gloria bell-julianne moore-film-trailer

Gloria Bell features a cast that includes …

Julianne Moore as Gloria Bell
John Turturro as Arnold
Michael Cera as Peter
Brad Garrett as Dustin
Sean Astin as Jeremy
Caren Pistorius as Anne
Cassi Thomson as Virginia
Alanna Ubach as Veronica
Barbara Sukowa as Melinda

john turturro-gloria bell-movie

What’s not to like here? The cast is incredible, and the story looks fun. Julianne Moore is one of the best actresses of this generation (#ChangeMyMind) and from the looks of the trailer Gloria Bell will give her a playground of emotions to play with as the title character. If Rotten Tomatoes means anything to you, the film currently holds a 100% fresh rating (based on 14 reviews). All signs point to a quality film that looks like it’s getting a release date smack dab in blockbuster territory as a bit of counter-programming. Smart move or cinematic suicide? You decide!

gloria bell-movie-julianne moore

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