TRAILER: BACK ROADS Connects Viewers To Betrayal And Murder

Back Roads is the debut film from director Alex Pettyfer who also plays the lead here in a film that’s been receiving rave reviews for its tense, gritty narrative that’s based on the best-selling novel from Tawni O’Dell who also served as the screenwriter. Back Roads is set for wider release this winter.


About Back Roads

Official Description: A young man stuck in the Pennsylvania backwoods cares for his three younger sisters after the shooting death of his abusive father and the arrest of his mother. Family secrets and unspoken truths threaten to consume him.

Having the book’s author Tawni O’Dell on board as the screenwriter will surely make fans of the novel happy. Alex Pettyfer previously made waves as Jerry Schilling in Elvis & Nixon. Pettyfer also might look familiar to fans of the action, science fiction film I Am Number Four. The young actor is getting behind the camera here, and the early buzz is positive. The rest of the cast isn’t too shabby either with Juliette Lewis (Secrets and Lies) and Jennifer Morrison (Once Upon A Time) along for a film that looks like it can be described as modern Americana noir.


Back Roads features a cast that includes …

Juliette Lewis as Bonnie Altmyer
Jennifer Morrison as Callie Mercer
Robert Longstreet as Uncle Mike
Nicola Peltz as Amber Altmyer
Danika Yarosh as Ashlee
Alex Pettyfer as Harley Altmyer
Robert Patrick as Chief Mansour
Tom Everett Scott as Brad Mercer
Chiara Aurelia as Misty Altmyer
Sky Elobar as Church


Great source material. Great cast. Unproven director. The trailer here seems to indicate a compelling film with some dark twists and turns. The buzz is good too, so what’s not to like here? If you’re into thrillers, this looks like a good one to put your peepers on.


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