TRAILER: SPIES IN DISGUISE Stars Will Smith And Tom Holland Saving The World

Spies in Disguise stars the voice of Will Smith as Lance Sterling, the world��s most awesome spy who has to team up with Walter, a gadget nerd voiced by Tom Holland to save the world. The animated Spies in Disguise comes to theaters in 2019.


About Spies in Disguise

Official Description: Lance and Walter. One is a super cool and charming spy, and the other invents the super cool gadgets Lance uses. When an event happens, they must learn to rely on each other like never before in order to save the world.

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Spies in Disguise is loosely based on the animated short called Pigeon: Impossible which explains why Smith’s super-cool man-in-black hero turns into a bird halfway through the trailer. Debuting in the director’s chair are Nick Bruno & Troy Quane. Nick and Troy are no strangers to animation having worked on The Peanuts Movie, The Smurfs and much more. The trailer hits all the notes it’s supposed to, presenting an exciting, family-friendly adventure.


Spies in Disguise features a cast that includes …

Will Smith as Lance Sterling
Tom Holland as Walter Beckett
Rashida Jones as Marcy Kappel
Karen Gillan as Eyes
DJ Khaled as Ears
Ben Mendelsohn
Masi Oka


Slick animation, Will Smith, and Tom Holland; what’s not to like here? Will Smith is doing his best Will Smith impersonation and Tom Holland sounds wholly unrecognizable as Smith’s nerdy tech friend. It’ll no doubt be a fun little action ride. However, the film’s release schedule has shifted three times now and it’s unclear when that fun ride will start. The film was set to release in January, then pushed back to April, and then pushed back again to September. Will it stay there? April would be suicide for this film as it would be going up against Hellboy, Shazaam!, and Pet Sematary. September seems like a much better time of the year for this film.


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