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What’s better than one superhero? TWO superheroes! Everyone loves a good team up, and today we’re breaking down the most iconic duos that comic books have ever seen.

What’s your favorite super-duo? Did it make our list? Sound off in the comments!

6. (Honorable Mention) Cloak & Dagger

Ty Johnson and Tandy Bowen were a couple of runaway teens who were injected with drugs which triggered their mutant abilities. Ty was granted powers of darkness and became Cloak, while Tandy gained powers of light and took the name Dagger. The pair took to the streets, taking on mostly common thugs and declaring a war on drugs (though they’ve also battled some of Marvel’s toughest rogues, like Thanos, Doctor Doom, and Mephisto).

Cloak and Dagger have remained popular with younger readers, and are regular supporting characters in both X-Men and Spider-Man titles. They’re also set to join the MCU in an upcoming series on Freeform.

5. Booster Gold & Blue Beetle

Do you like buddy cop movies from the 1980s? Then you’ll love the adventures of Blue Beetle and Booster Gold! One’s a genius inventor without any real powers, and the other’s a showboat from the future who just wants to prove his worth. Together they make for one of the most endearing partnerships in modern superhero comics. Their friendship began in the pages of Justice League International, and rumors have been circulating for a few years now that the duo is on their way to the silver screen.

4. Green Lantern & Green Arrow

You want to talk about iconic team ups? The Green Lantern/Green Arrow book of the 1970s is by far one of the most important series in comic book history. Neil Adams and Denny O’Neil took these heroes out on a politically charged road trip where they learned lessons about race, drugs, pollution, and much more.

This duo taught readers how to be better people, and their adventures are still relevant today.

3. Captain America & Falcon

Steve Rogers had Sam Wilson by his side long before reuniting with Bucky. Cap and Falcon’s partnership was popular enough that the Captain America comic was retitled Captain America and the Falcon for most of the 70s.

Sam has been a staple in Cap comics ever since, ultimately becoming a Captain America in his own right. Even when Steve donned the red, white, and blue once again, he let Sam keep the signature round shield. That’s friendship.

2. Power Man & Iron Fist

Take two heroes with nothing in common, both on the verge of cancellation, put them together and what do you get? The original Heroes for Hire – one of Marvel’s most popular books of the 1970s.

Luke Cage and Danny Rand are a fan favorite team that has stood the test of time. Their dynamic simply works; it’s funny, and just so pure. Marvel recently launched a new Power Man and Iron Fist series that gives fans everything they’ve loved about this team, plus some new elements (it’s hilarious seeing how Luke’s wife Jessica Jones feels about his partnership with Danny). And later this year fans will be able to see this bromance come to life in The Defenders on Netflix.

1. Batman & Robin

Who else could be at #1? Batman and Robin’s partnership is so legendary that their nickname – the Dynamic Duo – has transcended pop culture and become synonymous with “perfect teammates.”

It doesn’t matter who’s behind the masks either. Whether it be Bruce Wayne and Tim Drake, or Dick Grayson and Damien Wayne, the Caped Crusaders will always reign supreme as the most iconic duo in superhero history.

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