Celebrating 420: Top 10 Films To Watch While You’re Stoned

Choosing What To Watch On 420 Is Hard, Here’s A Cheat Sheet!

The worldwide stoner holiday known as 420 or April 20th is upon us.

Trying to define the difference of a movie about marijuana and something stoners could enjoy while stoned isn’t as simple as you’d think. ‘Requiem For A Dream‘ starts out with two guys selling some dope but the insanity would surely harsh your mellow. For anyone who partakes or enjoys good flicks, here’s a list of the films you must-see while stoned!

Honorable Mentions:
‘Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle’

10. ‘Cheech and Chong: Up In Smoke’



– These two men started it all. If it wasn’t for Cheech and Chong making stoner movies like ‘Up In Smoke‘, 420 would be a very boring holiday. I debated putting the more modern ‘Harold and Kumar‘ or ‘Pineapple Express‘ in this place but the throwback feel will make any stoned person happy.

9. ‘Shaun of the Dead’


Edgar Wright must have smoked something wonderful when creating this. ‘Shaun of the Dead‘ is a hilariously horror-filled buddy movie that shouldn’t work but works on every level. It parodies without becoming a mockery; you can enjoy this for the giggles but can also find a wonderful story if you pay attention.

8. ‘Across The Universe’


– In short, ‘Across The Universe‘ is a spectacle. The critically underrated film works on multiple levels. While a musical feels like an odd pick for 420, it could easily brighten up any day. You will be sucked in with the trippy visuals but stay for the love story. Also, if you happen to smoke and love The Beatles…you’d be in paradise.

7. ‘Fritz The Cat’


– Cartoons don’t get more stoner-perfect than this. ‘Fritz The Cat‘ is a 1972 animated film that pioneered the way for ‘South Park‘ and ‘Family Guy‘. It’s offensive, hilarious, and has some of the most progressive visuals for the time. This might be one of the few that stoners love at first until it takes the bizarre dark turn.

6. ‘Inherent Vice’


– Even stoners want a serious movie from time to time. ‘Inherent Vice‘ blends gritty filmmaking with a perfect stoner mentality. Upon first viewing, viewers know Joaquin Phoenix as Larry “Doc” Sportello would be joining the legendary film stoners. Director Paul Thomas Anderson usually includes drugs in his work but nothing this stoner-friendly.

5. ‘Friday’


F. Gary Gray had no idea the culturally phenomena he was creating with ‘Friday‘. This was reaching an entirely different stoner by grabbing the urban demographic. No longer was it the stereotypical stoners of the 70’s and 80’s, Ice Cube and Chris Tucker encapsulate a more realistic pothead. 420 wouldn’t be with same without this.

4. ‘Space Jam’


– Looking back, ‘Space Jam‘ is honestly not a great movie. Any 90’s kid will tell you otherwise but it’s horribly dated. Spark one up, watch this stoned, and it’s a totally different experience. Seeing the live-action world filled with NBA players and the Looney Tunes mix suddenly makes more sense. Not sure if it can help with Michael Jordan’s acting.

3. ‘Pink Floyd: The Wall’


– An entire generation of stoners got to enjoy ‘Pink Floyd: The Wall‘. This brings together a lot of what makes this other movies so great. The music is great, the visuals are surreal, and the film is very well-made. ‘The Wall‘ will take care of any stoners needs to listen to some tunes and relax but actually provides a fun story.

2. ‘2001: Space Odyssey’


Stanley Kubrick’s stunning masterwork is just a mind-bending experience. Not only does it push a progressive narrative but the visuals will suck you in. For decades, stoners on 420 have journeyed into space with this. ‘2001: Space Odyssey‘ is a classic film for stoners and cinema lovers. Want space but something less surreal? ‘Star Wars IV: A New Hope’!

1. ‘The Big Lewbowski’


– Sometimes the obvious choice is the best choice. Not only is this a great film with the use of marijuana in it but it’s just a great film. ‘The Big Lewbowski‘ is early Coen Brothers, so that says it all. Expect bizarre plot with distinct characters and some genius humor. This movie works for any kind of stoner: the wiseman or the burnout.

What’s your favorite film to watch on 420?

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