Spider-Man: Top 5 Actors To Play Kraven The Hunter

For The Upcoming Spider-Man Films, Which Actor Should Be Cast As Kraven The Hunter?

Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures have been working on their re-boot of Spider-Man for a while now but have been quiet about who Spidey will be facing in his newest film. With Kraven The Hunter being a founding member of ‘The Sinister Six’ and part of an iconic arc in Spider-Man comics, I believe the big game hunter would make a great addition into the long list of Spidey movie villains.

But who should play the Russian supervillain? Here’s my top 5 picks for the actors who could bring Kraven to the big-screen.

“Spiders are revered as hunters but you have proven to be easy prey” – Kraven The Hunter

Honorable Mentions:

Javier Bardem, Matt Schulze, Jeffery Dean Morgan, Ryan Hurst

5. Benicio Del Toro

Spider Man

If Del Toro wasn’t already casted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as ‘The Collector’, Benicio would be a perfect fit for the Spidey villain. Benicio can bring the visuals of Kraven to life but also following his dark turn in 2015’s Sicario, he could bring out the ambiguous morality of Kraven The Hunter. He’s an impossible casting choice but he was such a prime pick for one of Spider-Man’s biggest foes. So prime that he slipped past being an honorable mention and made it on the list!

4. Gerard Butler

Spider Man

Need a crazed hunter with a heavy accent and bad-ass fighting skills? Look no further than Gerard Butler. The Scottish actor has yet to cross over to making comic book movies (300 was technically a ‘graphic novel’) but it would be great to see him suit up in the animal inspired outfit of Kraven. Bulter has plenty experience in the action department to kick ass during the many expected fight sequences in the film but I don’t see that distinct Scottish accent being able to turn into a thick Russian-ish accent that Kraven is known for. 

3. Joe Manganiello

Spider Man

With his insane height and deep growly voice, Joe Manganiello is a perfect Kraven. He does have little experience in mainstream films other than Magic Mike making Joe a risky choice but he really embodies all things Kraven The Hunter. After playing a shape-shifting wolf on True Blood, Manganiello has the animalistic side needed for the role. At least he’s used to being shirtles; which puts him third in line for playing a great film version of Sergei Kravinoff A.K.A Kraven The Hunter.

2. Manu Bennett

Spider Man

Recently dipping his toe into the world of comics as Deathstroke on Arrow, Manu is cunning & tough enough to pull off a perfect Kraven. The New Zealand actor has steadily been picking up more work in the industry lately so going to Sony/Marvel as Kraven The Hunter would be a great step for his career. While his new show on MTV’s The Shannara Chronicles has him in a leading role, Manu could find time to play such an important role in the Spider Man universe.

1. Oscar Issac

Spider Man

On top of the world right now, Oscar Issac as Kraven The Hunter is the most marketable choice. Though his Star Wars schedule will keep him busy, Oscar embodies the acting ability and the look that would make his version of Kraven truly distinct. He is playing the title character in X-Men: Apocalypse this year; I feel you can barely recognize the man under all the makeup so going over to the MCU could be an easy transition. Issac is one of the most recognizable actors in Hollywood right now and he could bring that mainstream attention to the already hyped MCU/Sony Spider Man project. Should the best pilot ever Poe Dameron from Star Wars become the best hunter in the Marvel Universe?

Who do you think should be Kraven The Hunter? Is Oscar Issac your choice or did I leave out someone who is a MUST for Kraven? Comment below & let me know who you want!

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