Top 5 Moments From ‘Nightwing: Rebirth’ #1


With the Rebirth movement in full swing, Dick Grayson has decided has to stop being a secret agent, and instead has decided to go back to being Nightwing. This issue was pretty good and had a lot of great moments in it. Here are the top five moments from Nightwing: Rebirth #1.


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5. A Day at the Arcade

Seeing heroes interact with each other out of their costumes is always entertaining. This is especially true with members of the Batman family. Dick takes some time to hang out with Damian, and the two of them have a little adventure to an arcade. It’s like watching an uncle hang out with his younger nephew and still try to act cool and give advice. It’s a cute moment.


4. Huntress Suits Up

Given Dick would be returning to his secret identity, it was obvious that he would put on the costume at some time in the issue. Still, the idea of Helena Bertrinelli returning to be the Huntress wasn’t as expected. It looks like the former head of Spyral wants to take matters into her own hands and believes the only way to get things done is to become the Huntress once more.


3. Saying Goodbyes

Parting can be such such sweet sorrow, but Dick finds a way to get through it. He takes the time to say goodbye to Helena, Tiger King, and Midnighter. Each goodbye really reflects how much he is obviously going to miss working with these guys but he knows he has no choice but to move on.


2. Nightwing Again

Back in black and blue where he belongs. After a heartfelt moment with Batman where he makes sure this is what his former ward wants, Grayson once again dons the costume and becomes Nightwing. You knew it was coming, but you probably thought it would be number one. It was good, but there was still one more scene which beat it to the top slot.


1. March of the Parliament of Owls

Showcasing what will no doubt be one of the biggest obstacles that Nightwing will have to come across in his new series, the Court of Owls decides it’s time for a makeover. After casting off their white masks, they don black masks which will help to hide them better in the shadows, and become the Parliament of Owls, a group whose aspirations stretch far beyond what the previous organization could have envisioned. Afterward, they also decide to give have a few words with their leader, Lincoln March, on where his future will be in the organization. It’s a great build up for things to come and makes it apparent Nightwing has a lot to deal with in the coming months.

What were your favorite moments from Nightwing: Rebirth #1? Leave your comments in the section below.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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