Top 5 Moments From ‘Supergirl: Rebirth’ #1

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The Girl of Steel has lost her power and needs to get them back if she hopes to deal with all the problems she’ll face in her new series. In Supergirl: Rebirth, the issue tackles this and many other obstacles. Here are the top five moments to come out of the issue.

SG 5

5. Blast Off

The issue opens strong with Supergirl blasting off in a rocket. The plan for Supergirl to regain her powers is to shoot hers into the sun and hope it begins the recharge process. This intense action scene starts the comic off strong and things only get better from there.

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4. Argo City, Destroyed

The issue ends with flashing forward to a very disturbing prediction. It shows Argo City, Supergirl’s new base of operations, in ruins, having been destroyed by some unknown catastrophe. What happened? How did things turn out so poorly? There is more than enough curiosity generated from the last moments to keep the reader interested for what will come from the new series.


3. Beast Mode

Kryptonians can be very powerful if you give them enough time to soak up the energy of the yellow sun. Here though, it’s shown how the latest criminal to come out of the Phantom Zone actual relies on the power of a full moon to transform himself into a large red furred monster. Seeing this creature hulk out for the first time is very memorable and adds to the tension of the issue.


2. Working Together

After the day has been saved and the danger has been contained, Supergirl, her foster parents, and the rest of the team have to rebuild. Showcasing the hero after the battle as she works to help those she is close to really helps to humanize her. It offers a very touching moment which really pulls on the heartstrings.


1. Recharge

As her ship enters the sun, there is a brief moment where it appears as if all is lost and Supergirl is dead. Instead she bursts from the glowing sphere with her powers restored and in her full costume. Seeing her restored to her proper form and ready to save the day was too much and easily became the best moment to come out of the issue.

What were your favorite moments from Supergirl: Rebirth #1? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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Top 5 Moments From 'Supergirl: Rebirth' #1 5


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