Top 5 Moments in ‘The Hellblazer’ #1


John Constantine, the chain smoking occult detective is back to fight against evil whether he likes it or not. His new series has begun, and one of the first problems which won’t leave him alone is his old buddy Swamp Thing. These are the top five moments to come out of the first issue.

Hellblazer 5

5. History Lesson

The issue opens up by showing two siblings at a pinnacle moment in history. One is trying to stop the other from causing the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. Unfortunately, it succeeds anyway and leads to the start of World War I. The panel used to highlight the death and destruction which took place really works to show just how devastating the consequences were.


4. Sibling Rivalry

Those same siblings from the beginning of the issue show up again and this time in modern times. How did they manage to survive for over a hundred years and not look a day over 50? This question is not answered but one thing is sure, Constantine is going to have to deal with at least one of them in the near future.


3. Friend In The Greenhouse

When Swamp Thing comes calling, it’s best to just answer. As the DC Comics protector of the plants works desperately to get a side down with Constantine, he eventually gets through by appearing in a Greenhouse close to the Hellblazer. Watching him pull himself together is definitely an interesting sight.


2. Double Standards

In an effort to help his buddy Swamp Thing out, Constantine decides to pay an old associate a visit. Unfortunately, the first thing she does once she sees him coming is point a shotgun in his face. Soon after, he finds she gives Swamp Thing a much more friendly welcome. This amusing scene really helped to lighten the mood, if just for a moment.


1. Stroll In The Park

Sometimes just a good interaction between characters is all you need for an issue to be memorable. Here as Constantine and Swamp Thing take a walk through a park, the two of them talk about old times and Swamp Thing takes the time to explain the trouble he is having in his life. This great exchange between two characters who have shared a lot over the years easily stole the number one spot on this list.

What were your favorite moments from The Hellblazer #1? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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