Top 5 Moments In ‘Brutal Nature’ #4


The final issue of the new series from Luciano Saracino and Ariel Olivetti has been so well received a sequel has already been announced. As the first series about masks which cause people to turn into fantastic beasts comes to an end, the final issue was filled with a lot of intense moments. Here are the top five moments to come out of the last issue of the first series of Brutal Nature.

Brutal Nature

5. The Business of potatoes

Villains monologues can easily be hit or miss. Here though, Sebastian takes the time to talk about how changing tactics allowed a French trader to turn a failed business into a fortune through the sale of potatoes. It’s seems out of nowhere but then again most villain speeches are. The trick is as long as they are entertaining and meaningful than they are worth taking the time to hear and this one succeeds.

Brutal Nature 4 4

4. The Lady in the Water

The mysterious Yaretzi has acted as Ich’s spirit guide the entire series, appearing like a ghost, and disappearing just as easily. As the final battle approaches, Yaretzi turns into a dolphin and starts to swim off with Ich wishing she would stay. This moment is bad foreshadowing as Ich must go to the final battle without any backup and a sinking suspicion he should just run after her.

Brutal Nature

3. Ich vs. The German

The German, the silent enforcer for Sebastian has been an imposing beast with little mercy in him the entire series. He finally comes across something which can take him off his high horse when Ich pulls out a new mask which turns him into a large green, six eyed behemoth. Needless to say the German doesn’t see it coming.

Brutal Nature

2. Sebastian’s Mask

After defeating the German, it looked as if Ich may have the upper hand. Then out of nowhere, Sebastian pulled out his own mask and turns into the monstrous Quetzalcoatl. How did he get a mask of his own? It’s never truly defined but there is a good chance the answer will revealed in the sequel.

Brutal Nature

1. Ich vs. Sebastian

In their most powerful forms, Ich and Sebastian fight to the death. It was an intense battle to watch and the outcome was very surprising. This battle between two monsters was exactly the kind of ending fans were hoping with this series and easily allowed the scene to steal the number one moment from the issue.

What were your favorite moments from Brutal Legend #4? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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