Top 5 Moments in ‘Blue Beetle: Rebirth’ #1


Jaime Reyes has returned with the scarab on his back which allows him to turn into an armored alien weapon. In his new series, he’ll be getting backup from Ted Kord, the second Blue Beetle, who will help Jaime as he works to balance school and fighting crime. This issue serves to set up what to expect from the new series and these are the top five moments to come out of it.

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5. Back Breaking Work

It’s never easy being a hero. It’s also not easy when you’re fighting off super villains and civilians are still in the area. Still, thanks to the armor, Jaime is able to deploy his wings in time to stop the roof from crushing a group of people, and gives them the time they need to evacuate. It’s a very catching scene which causes even Ted Kord to give a cheer.

Blue Beetle

4. Robots?!

Don’t you just hate it when you think you have beaten your opponents only to find they are robots who can put themselves back together? Rack and Ruin, two villains who specifically call out the Blue Beetle, end up getting destroyed in the heat of battle. This is surprising considering earlier in the issue they took a coffee break. It makes you ask, “Why would a robot drink coffee?”

Blue Beetle

3. My Best Friend’s Aunt

The issue closes by revealing Jaime’s friend Brenda has an Aunt who is in actuality more than she seems. She appears to be behind the attack involving Rack and Ruin and seems to have her sights set on the Blue Beetle. What is her plan and what does she want with Jaime? This will no doubt be revealed in the new series.

Blue Beetle

2. New and Old

There is a good dynamic going on between the two Blue Beetles and it’s best shown here as Ted calls Jaime into battle. Ted informs him of Rack and Ruin showing up, and Jaime is just trying to make it to school on time. It’s an interesting conversation but really shows what kind of relationship the two of them possess.

Blue Beetle

1. The Doctor makes a house call

Dr. Fate is the DC Universe’s expert in all things magical. He is always a force not to be taken lightly. Him appearing out of nowhere in your base and telling you how much of a mistake you are making is never a good thing. Still, this is what happens to Ted Kord, and Dr. Fate informs him that the scarab is dangerous. This out of nowhere appearance, complete with a dangerous warning about the future, easily stole the number one spot on this list.

What were your favorite moments from Blue Beetle: Rebirth #1? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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