Top 5 Moments From ‘Suicide Squad’ #1


Everyone’s favorite team of murderers, psychopaths, and killers is back again to do the jobs no one else can. Guided by Amanda Waller, they are sent into the danger zone with the guarantee that the bombs in their heads will be activated if they try to run. Now a new team has been assembled, and these are the top five moments to come out of the first issue of their new series.

Suicide Squad

5. Turbulence

Not even on the ground for their first mission and the team already runs into trouble. What happens? Well without giving too much away, the team experiences turbulence in a way which puts everyone in danger. It helps to show how easily the team can find themselves in danger at a moment’s notice.

Suicide Squad

4. Build me a team

The team coming together is always one of the best moment in an ensemble book. Here the different members of the squads are pulled by their individual high tech containment cells and connected at the center where Amanda Waller is waiting to inspect them. It’s a nice piece of art which helps to show who is going to be on the new team.

Suicide Squad

3. Briefing

When a comic takes the time to brief everyone on what their mission is, it usually can become just a page of exposition. Here though, as Waller is telling everyone of their mission, the team is barely paying attention to her and instead are busy with their own interests. Deadshot is sleeping, Captain Boomerang is watching TV on his console, and Harley Quinn is playing a knock off Pokémon Go. Definitely not your standard morning meeting.

Suicide Squad

2. Crash

After suffering turbulence, the team crash lands into a glacier. Though they are appear to be saved by the Enchantress’ magic, they all look like they have seen better days. Barely alive, injured, and damaged is not the best way to start a mission. Especially when you get no back up.

Suicide Squad

1. One of the good guys

By the look of it, the new series is going to end each issue with a back up story focusing on one of the members of the team. In this story, Deadshot, prior to his conviction, was forced into taking a job by a group of radicals who kidnapped his daughter. Instead of killing his target (Bruce Wayne), Deadshot gets Batman to back him up and the two of them rush the compound. Seeing these two characters fight back to back easily stole the number spot on this list.

What were your favorite moments from Suicide Squad #1? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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