Top 5 Moments from ‘Rom’ #1

Rom the Spaceknight has made his return to comics with an action packed first issue. The metal hero has come to Earth in an effort to pursue his sworn enemy, the Dire Wraiths, who have the ability to disguise themselves as humans. With the use of his Neutralizer he sets out to eliminate the alien invaders wherever they may hide.

With Rom now hunting for Wraiths, it’s time to look at the first issue of his new series and pick its top five best moments.




5. Rom on Camera

As Rom moves to take out a few Dire Wraiths masquerading as humans, he finds himself being confronted by Earth’s greatest weapon, The Smartphone. Yes, as Rom is trying to do his job, people are quick to pull out phones and record him in a way which looks like he is on a rampage. This type of negative press won’t do anything to help Rom’s mission on Earth.


4. Interrogation

As one of eyewitnesses of Rom’s arrival is brought in and confronted about what happens, it quickly becomes clear there is more going on behind the scenes. The soldier in question discovers far too late that he is being interrogated by Dire Wraiths, who make short work of him after getting the answers they want. This scene just helped to show just how far the alien infiltration goes and just what the enemy is capable of.


3. Neutralized

Within moments of being on Earth, Rom uses his Energy Analyzer to expose one of the soldiers as being a Dire Wraith. Soon, the Wraith transforms into his full form and charges at Rom. Wasting no time in trying to talk things out, Rom deploys his Neutralizer and blows the alien menace away. The Spaceknight has come to kick butt and chew bubblegum and he’s all outta bubblegum.


2. Yo Joe!

As the higher up Dire Wraiths work to take out Rom, they realize they can’t mess around. They instead try to bring in the big guns. In this case the big guns are G.I. Joe, who are going to be front and center in the next issue. With the IDW event “Revolution” starting, the different properties of IDW are about to cross over with one another. It looks like Rom is soon going to have to deal with the Joes who believe him to be an alien invader instead of a Spaceknight come to save the world.


1. Nowhere to run

In a very brutal scene, Rom confronts a young soldier named Darby who has just come back from service. Unfortunately, her entire family has been replaced by Dire Wraiths. Darby can do nothing but watch as Rom destroys the beings which are posing as her family be destroyed one by one. It’s an intense scene, but definitely one fans will be talking about as the new series ventures forward, which is why it earned the number one spot on this list.

What did you think of the new Rom series? What were your favorite moments? Leave a comment below and let us know how much you love the return of Rom to comics.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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