Top 5 Moments from ‘Red Hood And The Outlaws: Rebirth’ #1


The Red Hood has survived the Rebirth and is ready to shake some things up. The titular anti-hero has a plan which looks to get him into more trouble than ever before. His Rebirth issue helped to perfectly set up what fans can expect to come from his new series, and it looks like it will be a fantastic ride.

Now it’s time to take a look through the issue and find the best moments from Red Hood And the Outlaws: Rebirth. With so much intense action, it’s hard to decide on which is the best but here they are.


5. The Mission

Thanks to a visit from Batman, Jason Todd’s new mission is laid out in detail for all to see. His game plan is to go undercover and become welcomed into the criminal underworld. It’s a dangerous plan but one which could be pay off in the long run. Still, Batman is there to drop his distaste for the idea and let Jason know that he will be there to bring Jason in the second it feels like he has gone off the deep end. The scene just helps to enforce how difficult this new plan will be.


4. Death In The Family

As Jason keeps flashbacking through his past, he touches upon the most infamous moment in his career, his death. Yes, the incident where Batman first lost one of his wards in the heat of battle thanks to the Joker. The artwork helps to perfectly capture the moment and the emotional intensity which came from this scene. It’s a powerful image to say the least.


3. Jason’s Origin

Sure the “Death in the Family” recreation was intense, but the first part of the issue, which shows Jason’s origin, steals the show. Showing how desperate he was to stay alive, as he was willing to steal the tires off the Batmobile, it takes things a step deeper. From there, it shows Batman and Jason on the hood of the car enjoying a burger together, one of the first meals the kid had eaten in days. It’s a touching moment which makes you feel for the character as he really doesn’t have many happy moments in his character history.


2. Batman Vs. Red Hood

As Red Hood looks to have gone off the deep end, who is there to stop him but his old mentor. Batman arrives, and the two of them go head to head in a very intense fight scene. It’s too good to spoil by describing but it easy took the second spot on this list thanks to how powerful it was.


1. The Photo

What can steal the number one spot away from a master fighting his former student? A look at the love which still exists between the two of them. Yes, the issue ends with showing, despite his resentment for Bruce, Jason still keeps the photo Alfred took to commemorate him becoming Robin. Regardless of him being unable to forgive Bruce for not getting the proper revenge on the Joker, Jason wishes things could be the way they used to be and is trying his best to show Bruce he’s still worthy of all the time and attention he was given.

What did you think of the preface to the new Red Hood and The Outlaws series? Are you looking forward to it? Leave a comment below and as always keep reading Monkeys Fighting Robots for all the comic book coverage you can handle.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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