Top 5 Moments From ‘Harley Quinn’ #1


Everyone’s favorite lady with a mallet is back to make the world a little more cheerful. (WARNING: Cheerfulness may come with many unwanted side effects, such as zombie attacks, sharp objects, and catapults). So far, it looks like her life will be far from normal (as usual), and now it’s time to look at the top five moments from the first issue of her new series and see which were the best.


5. From Alien to Hot Dog

What happens when an alien named Vertigax crash lands on Earth? He tries to hide himself as a cow but ends up getting sent to the slaughterhouse and turned into hot dogs. The insane escalation of events from his arrival, to becoming hot dogs, and being the cause of humans turning into zombies is so entertaining that it easily made the list.


4. A One Woman Show

While standing on stage with a microphone, Harley takes the time to update everyone on who she is. A quick review of her origin and an introduction of her buddies helps to let the reader know what has been happening in her life before now. Given how many titles she has been in, this little segment was a very amusing way to catch everyone up.


3. Ivy And Harley at the spa

Sometimes it’s the more personal moments which really help to make an issue memorable. This issue began with Ivy and Harley sharing an afternoon together at a spa to take the time to catch up with each other. Spending time with your bestie is always fun, and seeing two of the best friends in comics just enjoy themselves was a very welcomed sight.


2. The Scatapult

Why does Harley has a catapult on the roof of her building? Why not? Realizing she needs to get an injured friend to the hospital as soon as possible she puts him and fires him in the direction of the establishment. The use of such a device on anyone is entertaining enough, but using it as a means to get someone to a hospital as soon as possible is dementedly brilliant.


1. I’ll save you!

What do you do when someone’s been bitten by a zombie? Harley knows and quickly jumps into action. After her ally/stalker/number one fan Red Tool gets bitten by a zombie, her first reaction is to make sure he doesn’t turn into a zombie. Unfortunately, it doesn’t exactly work out the best for him. Still, the crazy act is incredibly amusing and easily earns the top stop on this list.

What were your favorite moments from Harley Quinn #1? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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